Monday, June 17, 2013

Wrap Up of Last Week

1. ER
Completed only 16 km, but I am okay with it, and I thank god for having the determination to do it.  I may need to re-evaluate whether or not 5 km for each session is appropriate or too stressful for my feet since I do experience some minor pain. But when I discussed this with hubby, he claimed that he is also having some minor pain despite of the fact he only ran for 3 km. Maybe the minor pain is normal?..I need to check.
2. I am getting even more lazy
I needed to get myself prepared for 2 occasions this week. I brought the materials home and wanted to complete it during the weekend, but I was so damn lazy. I managed to complete almost 70% of the first one but did not touched anything at all on the 2nd one. I need more "positive stress" to push me. I wanted to complete it last night but I was having this neusea and was feeling drowsy. Luckily I felt tired at the same time and fallen asleep. I felt better when I woke up around 1 o'clock in the morning and decided to do the job today...he he he
3. Cooking?
No cooking done last week except for the usual maggi me on Sunday. I requested hubby to buy me kerang actually since I really felt like having kerang rendang, but nope, we did not go to the wet market and bought kerang. I looked around if there's any shop selling rendang kerang, but none did.
4. Father's Day?
I wished hubby "happy father's day" yesterday even though we have no children of our own. I even pay for our meal at secret recipe yesterday as a father's day treat even though  I was the one who finished up everything since hubby was having this "do not feel like eating" session yesterday.
My hubby is very kind to me but I am not sure how he is if he is a father. I do think that he will be a "garang" one, he he. 
5. What else?
I think I will write about a few other things in the next post, iff I remember.
Have a productive days ahead and do not forget to be happy!

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