Monday, November 30, 2009

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang

Since the story about Mak Jah's prawn noodles appeared in TV3, I have always wanted to go and try the food myself. Though the idea was brought forward to Shuk several times, it was always being shoved away , for me Shuk just think that it is not important. But yesterday (Sunday, 29 November 2009), Shuk has finally decided to take me there (by suprise, since I was not so familiar on the jalan)..hmmm...

We were alerted earlier on the poor service . Knowing this, Shuk and I have brought along our newspaper so that we could fill the waiting time reading. We were also informed that the soup/gravy is not that tasty, but they do serve fresh prawns, well, let's see...

The moment we reached the place and took our seat, the waiter came. We decided to order one special mee udang which cost us RM11 (mee udang biasa RM7). Shuk was having headache and decided not to eat.

Once we ordered, another waiter came in less than 5 minutes to deliver the mee...waa...very fast

and..the taste..walaaa...delicious! One thing for sure, the prawns were fresh! There were 7 big prawns in my bowl..I think next time I will order the mee udang biasa only since I cannot take too many prawns in one go. Too much for me.

And, if you ask me whether you should go and try?..Yup, do go...we plan to go again one day...

By the way, for those who have no idea where Kuala Sepetang is, it is located approximately 12 km from Taiping...chow dulu

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kisah seorang yang kuat makan & iman kulit bawang

Today, I was awakened by this song sung by the Independence Group Hujan (aku scandal) at 5.15. a.m. I have always find Hujan's Songs very...I am not sure how to put it into words, but the sad lyrics combined with the very energetic music seems sooo...unappropriate and really funny

If you are to watch them perform, listen to the introduction music...whoaaa...they are good man, and you can feel the energy, thenn, Noh will start singing...aduhhh!! His voice is soooo...'I really don't know what to say' and Shuk and I just cannot help laughing...the lyrics is funny too...they try to sound 'puitis' but maybe due their lack of experience or knowledge in writing lyrics, they ended with some very harubiru story...yet, the younger generations adores them!

anyway, since the impact of this song kelakar, do use it as your alarm. he works for me anyway

Let's get back to my original story, the reason why I woke up early was to take sahur. I planned to fast today.

Unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstrances i.e. a friend has brought a big tupperware of karipap, I decided to breakfast early, at 8.30 in the morning...hua hua hua

I even went down to my old division and join them for breakfast (eat roti and tumis ikan bilis/serunding) I know how the fat accumulated around my body, please pray that I will insaf and eat less, please!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Baru-baru ini, 11.11.2009, genap 29 tahun ayahanda saya meninggalkan saya. I was ten years old when ayah passed away. Now I am almost 40 years old.

I remember Mek Yah was not around when Ayah passed away, she was on her way to Chemor for school break from JB. She was taking the 'keretapi mel' which took her almost 24 hours from JB to Chemor. There must be a reason why it happened that way but I just cannot imagine if I were in Diah's miss the last moment with your dear father.

I was very young then but the moment I remember most was the time when ayah's body was to be taken to the cemetery. I remember standing at the window facing the stairs (the one with the palang besi) and thinking that I will never see him again, ever. I cried.....

After that, during the school holidays, we spent our nights reading the quran. My father is/was lucky to have many children and a strict wife. Emak has monitored us and made sure that we never missed to read the surah yassin every night.

huh...29 years is a very long time, Al-fatihah. Semoga semua dosa ayah diampuni dan rohnya dimasukkan ke dalam golongan mereka yang mendapat balasan yang baik. Ameen.

rumah cikbib

Ok, these are pictures of the house I live in now with Shuk..this blog is actually dedicated to Anis, who has never been to the house. Cikbib hope you like it.

The picture above was taken to capture the roman blind for the kitchen window..he he...langsir je cantik rumah ni
This is the dining hall. We maintained the old dining set. You can also see the Ikea table lamp at the corner. The lamp was given by Mek Yah for my wedding.
Living hall..he he, this time the theme colour is yellow..a little colour..
The hall again, from another angel
This is the house from outside. That is cikbib's new car Anis (in case you don't know). We have two cars now, the black wira and pesona.

For those who has visited my house, you can simply skip this post guys...he he

The pictures were actually taken shortly after we moved therefore it's a little messy. We have done some touch ups and it looks a little bit better now. Do come over whenever you have the time kakak..see ya

Old Promise

Despite of her old age, my mother loves to travel. She has been wanting to visit JB many-many times. I have not really make any promise that I will take her there but I did make a little wish that if I were to have a bigger car (I was driving a Kancil then), I will take her to JB.

Hmmm, now almost 5 years has past (after I bought my black WIRA), and yet...I never had the chance to take my mother to JB...

I have actually told Shuk about my wish before we got married and he fully believes something like that must be fulfilled (provided if you have the time, money etc.), especially if it is something that concerns your mother. We have jokingly raised this matter during our conversation with Kakak and Abang Hatta a few months back, and last week, I received a call from Abang Hatta to confirm that yes, if everything goes on as planned, we will be going to Johore on 23 Decemeber 2009, Insya allah.

We will be spending 2 nights at Desaru, which is approximately 100 km from JB. On the way back, we will spend one night at Malacca. I hope everything will turn out as planned and I pray that there will be less rain...insya allah.

Of course report on the rest of the journey will be posted later...ada saper-saper mahu ikut? There will be satu tempat kosong (teman Opah!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I need help

I need help here. I want to post pictures here but I could not do it the way I want to. If I were to post pictures, my options are limited. I could only post in on top of my post (I could not do it in-between the sentences). If I were to post many pictures, I could only insert notes for the last picture (the one located at the bottom).....ada sape-sape boleh tolong? Cik Atim bole tolong?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 November 2005

Hari ni, waktu ni, tahun 2005, saya bertunang...kih kih kih

rasanya waktu ni dah habis kut, cuma tengah celebrate birthday Fizah je kut.

We had a great time hari tu, except make-up I je tak menjadi..kih kih kih

and...semalam birthday pijah yang ke...24 tahun...dah tua dah, dah nak jadi emak pun.

cepatnya masa berlalu kan....

ulat bulu

Shuk & I went back for our monthly visit to opah's house last weekend.

We were informed that there's a wedding reception at Abang Kodon's house, so, why not, we decided to go.
On our way to the kenduri's house, we stopped by at Cikgu Taufik's house and saw this green ulat just got me excited so I decided to take a few pictures of it.

Oh, about the kenduri...mmm, food was good but this time we spent only a short time there, tired lah sebab baru sampai.
But kakak was having a good time, well, her good old friends like Faizan & Faizah were for Shuk, unfortunately, Mohd Noor Manuti was not for me, I was friendless..hua hua hua