Friday, January 7, 2011


I am thinking of going to Tokyo, maybe this April.

At the same time, if I really want to go, there's so many things to do, yet I do not have the time to do all...

1) I need to borrow some money, he he he...I do not want to touch the little saving I have, so I guess it is best to make a bank loan. At first I was thinking of borrowing 10 K, but since abang said there's not much that you can do with 10 K in Tokyo..I am thinking on increasing it to 20 K.

2) to book ticket

3) passport and visa

hmmm, after I list it out, it doesn't look that many after all.

and Ira, if you are reading this, just inform your ayah that I may be going, insya allah. Please spare Iftikhar as our tourist guide ye...

I'm so tired today, could not finish the work and is bringing home selambak...wish me luck

hmmm, satu lagi, we are going for Jamal Abdillah's concent at Istana Budaya excited..huhhh, I really need the break man...chow dulu