Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today is Atim's Birtday

I was just being scolded by my boss. As usual, she will ask questions that I could not answer. He he, this time I was just too tired to find out the answers though I know she will ask, I have too much to do with so little time.

DG is going to China and Korea. This was not in the original timetable, I found out later that PM wants her to go. The preparation then is as usual, tergesa-gesa. But then, due to past experience, we'll manage.

Hmm, when I was filling up the request form this morning, I realised that it's Atim's Birthday (my good old friend). Happy Birthday, makin tua you, he he. You have your new house as a present..hebat tuh.

Okay, I got to continue working...chow dulu

Friday, May 22, 2009

a short call to emak

I have to call emak at the right time because if not, she will sound so not in the mood to talk.

You must not call at around 11 a.m., that is the time for her to teach the children read quran, you cannot call at around 3.00p.m, that's telenovela time, do no not call at 6.30 p.m...another, it's not easy to find the right time when you and her are both free.

But I called her at the right time just now and she was happy talking to me. Hmm, she said there's two pineapples that is about ready to be eaten, and she asked me to buy some chocolates...he he...sape-sape balik, tolong belikan ye.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fatihah's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Fatiha

Happy Birthday to YOu...

From : uncle shuk & cikbib


my boss is back today! Lega sungguh, jenuh jadi boss selama 8 hari...huh.

I was called once on my way back home by Datuk DG, I had to make u-turn and go back to the office. Luckily I was still in Brickfields.

The office was huru hara sikit sebab I was the boss, he he, luckily tak pecah.

Anyway, welcome back boss, I am soo happy that you are back.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Spender

Last Saturday (16 May 2009), I went shopping and goodness, I did spend a lot.

We went out at around 11 a.m. The first location was the PKNS complex. We wanted to visit the pusat zakat to clarify on this one problem which we are not sure about. Unfortunately the office closed (only open on 1st and 3rd week of the month), so, we just have to go another time.

After that we stopped at this one electric shop, to find replacement for our washing machine 'penangkap habuk'. They do not have it readily available, so, we have to make on order and come back next week.

Since we decided to buy ADIDAS shoes to replace our old jogging shoes, we stopped at one shop (still in PKNS complex). Instead of two pairs, Shuk has kindly decided not to buy but instead will wear my old one, and therefore, we managed to save a few hundreds.

We walked to Alam Sentral after that and went looking to this one shop that sell BIODEX product. We found out about it in the internet. Almost one hour was spent there listening to the instructions and almost RM700 was spent. Phuhh...Please do pray that this will work, I must admit that I'm afraid, but I still hope that I can conceive.

We could not go back to PKNS after that since it was raining. We decided to stop and and had some drink outside Alam Sentral. While having drinks, we saw these two children (dkk, beggars) were having nasi ayam. Shuk made this remark where 'peminta sedekah pun boleh makan nasi ayam'. I kept quite because they are still very small and I know they must be supervised by some other people (sindiket). After that I remember seeing the girl wanted a big portion of her food to be wrapped, I just thought that her body is so small, she must be a small eater.

Once the rain stopped, we continued our walk to PKNS complex where the car was parked. Again we spotted the presence of the two beggars playing outside the HOTEL..(is it BLUE WAVE?)..nama aja orang Shah Alam...but this time there's another boy, and he is blind. The little girl who wrapped her food just now was giving her food to the blind boy and I was soo touched. Rich, poor, beggar or not, they are as human and they love and take care of each other.

The next place was Section 18 this. We went to the bank first to pay our car installment and after that we want to buy new handphone. Being a paranoid person, I really have had it with my not so old handphone (Nokia E66) . The battery can only last for approximately 12 hours. What if I were to go outstation?

With my understanding husband (kih kih kih), we went to this one shop at Ole Ole. Eventhough my earlier plan was to buy a very basic handset, somehow the one I bought was a 'TOUCHED SCREEN'. Shuk will use my E66. Fortunately the adik had advised us to use a much powerful battery and alhamdulillah, my E66 batterry this time did last for 2 days.

We reached Baiduri at almost 4 pm, rushed for our zuhur prayer, had bath, solat asar and went to Subang Permai. Ada house warming.

Since both of us are so lapar, we just ate! Orang lain I tengok makan sikit aja, tapi I dengan Shuk...huh. Shuk siap tambah lagi nasi.

There were soo many type of food, nasi tomato, nasi lemak, laksa, roti jala, bubur jagung, kuih yang banyak and sedap (they ordered from Chili Merah apparently, no wonder sodap) and the most important thing our empty stomach.

Huh, we went back full and half sleepy. Malamnya nak tengok AF...

At night, AF ntah ke mana, Shuk and i ntah ke mana...kami ZZZZZZZZZ....We only woke up around 11, managed to watch Hafiz won our dream car (huwaaa)...we had some drinks and biscuits (got hungry again)...solat Isyak and managed to watch tv for a while and hit the bed again....but it was fun

Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you remember me Amirah?

Esok harijadi Amirah..I just wonder whether Amirah remembers me at all, whether I am in her memory database at all...but she is in my database memory, if she is interested to know.

I do not think that this wish does have a meaning to Amirah at all since everything changed TOTALLY and I'm sure there are more important people around her these days, anyway...dari kejauhan ini, dari kesayuan ini, I would like to wish Amirah Happy Birthday, dan semoga ditunjukkan Allah jalan yang benar dan semoga di dalam keasyikan kita bergembira di dunia ini, kita akan tetap dikurniakan pengakhiran yang baik, insyaalah...

nukilah : gagak di rimba
(peminat filem mat laksa sure tahu nih)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Abang Hatta (Pak Yang)

Today is Abang Hatta's birthday but I am not sure about his age. If he reads this, wishing you the Happiest Birthday Abang Hatta. I am sure after everything that you went through you are a much better person now than before. Semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu..Thank you for everything

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ainaa's & Imaan's blogs really cheer up my morning, it's really funny. Tukar Tiub was even funnier, please read on Isham's BM lesson, the one posted on Friday was equally funny.

It's Monday, and I really pray that the week will go on smoothly with the absent of my immediate boss(with me being the substitute boss, it's freaky)

I went back to my hometown on Saturday and I must say it was a nice one. Izzat was there and kakak came in the evening. Since kakak has brought enough food (pizza & mee rebus), we simply lazed around the dining table the whole evening. Maybe due to the heat, everybody loved my teh-o(ahmad tea-earl)

At around 10.p.m. we went up and continue watching tv, cerekarama. I managed to stay till the end of the story, I guess it must be a good one then..interesting enough to keep my eyes open.

The next morning, after subuh, everybody helped opah to clean the compound. Maybe due to the dry season, the amount of dried leaves were plenty and no wonder opah requested us to help. Anyway, it was fun, good exercise and the amount of time spent was less since 5 of us worked simultaneously.

After the cleaning session, we had breakfast and once again we assembled at the dining table. My earlier plan was to go back as early as possible, but we only managed to leave the house around 11...we will have to go back to Shuk's kg one 31 May..his anak menakan nak bertunang...

Friday, May 8, 2009

On my way to office this morning...

On my way to office this morning, I cried 3 times..uwaaaa..why? Apparently the topic discussed in all radio channels were on your mother (emak saya).

The first song I heard today was Ibu from P.Ramlee and I must confessed, this morning the song sounded soo menusuk jiwa. After that there were calls, each caller will have different stories and the sad ones really made me cry.

I have to admit that I am not actually a good daughter myself. I am stubborn and till now I will always say my prayer whenever I am about to visit my mother. I will pray that each visit is without any small fight/disagreement.'s not easy I tell you..but, even though I'm stubborn, I still remember clearly when I will make sure that I apologise after my Maghrib prayer whenever I think I had done something wrong (waktu kecik-kecik la). I was so scared that mak would marked me as 'anak durhaka'...tak cium bau sorga beb...

I seldom ask for mak advice and never ask for money also (he he he), especially nowadays, but I had always ask her to pray for me, when I am about to make presentation, I will ask her to pray that I could make a good presentation, if I'm demam, I will call mak to pray for my recovery, I asked mak to pray that I could afford to buy a house on the tanah (I'm living in an apartment now, after that please pray that I will have enough money to renovate the house, please pray for....everything.

But I wonder whether mak did pray for my jodoh...if she did, it really took a long time for that prayer to be granted, he he.

Well, being the youngest and the one caused the most problems, I try to spend more time with mak nowadays. I just do not want to be like one of the caller this morning (a guy), where he regretted the fact that he did not have the time to really take care of the mother when she was haunts him.

Semoga mak dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik, insya allah. Happy mother's day

Untuk semua kakak-kakak saya...and kakak2 ipar saya..happy mother's day to all of you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

what if you are rich?

Azizi Ali, a personal finance coach and author was asked this question (have you read his books?) : Do you think it's possible to become wealthy and not be changed by all that money?

his answer was : I read some time ago that money amplifies what you already are. If you are nasty when you have little money, you will become nastier when you have a lot of money. if you are a good human being when your pockets are empty, you will become even better when you have a lot of money. And I have found out this to be very true.

Interesting answer? What if all of a sudden you become a billionaire...hmmm, would I changed?..I just hope that if I were to change, it is a change to become a better person.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

go jog beb

I'm still at the office even though I'm suppose to go for my jog this afternoon. Malas...nevermind, tomorrow I'll go...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ainaa's Blog

ada baca tak blog ainaa fasal basuh kasut orang tu?...kih kih kih...kelakau sungguh