Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jamal Abdillah

Here I am, at home and feeling bored while hubby is watching Jamal Abdillah's concert on muzik aktif channel...

He adores Jamal...as for me...okaylah jugak, but I simply dislike his rambut palsu..please la Jamal, do something about that hair, I would rather see you bald.

I started working today. The moment I stepped into my room I was informed that I have to attend a meeting in MITI...isk..

The Hari Raya Celebration was held today, so does the closing of Innovation Day. These occasions makes me eat and eat and eat...

I have already received invitation for tomorrow's Hari Raya party and this will continue till Shawal ends..Tolong Allah, janganlah saya makan banyak sangat, tolong, kuatkanlah Iman saya.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

I have a lot to tell and many photos to post, unfortunately my handphone cum camera has got some technical error (or whatever error which I do not understand). As a result, all the pictures taken cannot be uploaded..hua hua hua

Anyway, the hari raya was celebrated merrily in Chemor with the presence of almost all family members. And...whether you believe it of not, after counting, it turned out that more that 10 chickens were sacrifice to feed all of us...huh...banyak bona

I am still trying to get photos taken to be uploaded and as for the time being, I decided to post photos of twin and Fatihah making their favorite cornflakes with honey.

Happy Raya everyone and maaf zahir batin.

As for Ari, Afiq, Ira and Ima, Cik Bib wish you all the best for your coming PMR exam. Insya allah cemerlang.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's almost holiday

I do not feel like working this week actually because I am already in my holiday mood. But then, yesterday, my boss sent me a note saying 'Please finish up your minute as soon as possible. I would want to see it before the raya'. Goodness! I have two minutes to finish and one minit ceraian to complete within less than 2 days. In between there are boxes of checks which I have to sign. And I must say I am new in this 'minit ceraian' and 'meeting minutes' thing. Ask me to generate figures, tables, statistical analysis, I can do it in no time, but then to write.. seriously... help.

Anyway, I decided to take home the work and if I'm lucky maybe I could get Shuk to assist me. Shuk said minutes is easy, just report everything..huh..

Since we are going back to Chemor on Saturday, we decided to prepare whatever we could remember from Shah Alam. We went to TESCO last night and bought thousand and one thing, from rice to toothpaste, butter, detergent, everything that came to our mind. Tomorrow Shuk is going to buy some chicken, the chicken will join our journey to Chemor on Saturday.

After coming back from TESCO, I forced myself to look at my minutes. I forced Shuk to look at my minutes. Shuk who boast that minutes are easy suddenly chickened out..He said, yours are complicated cikbib, but I know you can do it. Let me just give you some moral support, I accompany you! Huh! (let me get this clear, accompany is to sleep beside me while I was doing my work)

The tired me managed to maintain my eyes open until 2.30. Yup, though not complete, it was 80% done.

I finally have had everything ready before lunch. Encik Mat thanked me but he hasn't got the chance to go through it yet. He asked me to forward him the softcopy...I am sooo relieved.

and as for the other minutes yesterday (which I managed to complete earlier), Encik Mat has returned it full with his comments...I could not help but smile, how could I compare his standard of language, who am I. I just would take this as an opportunity to learn and enjoy it somehow. Thank you Encik Mat, just bare with this girl who has spent 13 years of her life doing nothing else but Statistics.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Cantikkan this date. I used to wish that I could get married on 9.9.99, but Allah has given me better thing...he has given me to opportunity to visit Makkah..jadi tetamu Allah, Alhamdulillah.

I remember I was sitting on my hotel bed then in Makkah and watched the sky. I wanted to remember that moment and I still can remember it clearly today. Insya allah, akan ada rezeki pergi Haji pulak dalam masa terdekat.

I would also like to dedicate this post to my dearest friend Meen. I think we do share some silly wishes/dreams..he he. I hope yours will come true soon..insya allah

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ada banyak lipas la dalam bilik sekarang ni..if I'm not mistaken Izham (one of my officer) has already carried out the usual maintenance exercise to make sure all lipas are gone, but somehow all the very small lipas are still around, erghhh

I woke up late for sahur today, 5.34. he he. Kalu ada budak kecik yang puasa, sian budak-budak tak sempat sahur. Anyway, I only have one budak yang tak berapa budak dah, so, I went straigt and woke him up, no more pujuk-pujuk, Bangun!!!

He only wanted some drink so I made milo panas. I still manage to eat some cold nasi, he he...well, biasa lah tu kan, mesti ada termiss sekali sekala.

I managed to reach office early today, before 7.45. Managed to take a nap lagi..bahagia! and was able to jot down this rojak post...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hari ni hari jadi Yong

Kalau yong masih hidup, mungkin kita akan try call and wish her happy birthday. I used to do that. Yesterday was abang aziz's birthday..hmm..I will sure miss her during hari raya..anyway, what she needs most now is our prayer...alfatihah.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Izzat & Athirah

We have visitors last weekend, yup, Izzat & Athirah came.

They spent two nights at our house. The first day (Saturday), we break fast together at home. I cooked ayam kg masak merah and some fried vegetables. We ate the same food for sahur.

The next day, we were invited by Mek Yah to break fast at her house. Sian Mek Yah, she looked a little tired that day. Anyway, we had fun.

We have also discovered that Mek Yah's mango tree is already producing many-many mangoes..we decided to pluck and took back 3 mangoes..hmm..it was yummy. Maybe we can go again and get some more..

Insya allah Ajim is coming this week end. I am also planning to invite Mek Yah's family to come to my house for break fast..is it okay girls? do ask your mother and let cikbib know the answer ..