Monday, March 28, 2011

My beloved niece commented that my blog's format has not changed for a long long time..ha ha ha, and she used the word loyal...hik hik..I realized that the format is rather boring, but I do not have time to change, just bare with it guys

I am alone at home now, hubby went out with his two brothers (which I know will never happened to my two brothers)..ha ha...if you are reading this guys, you know this is the truth right...

and the house was suddenly attacked by cockroach (betul ke ejaan nih) never happened before and I was like..OMG...and my mind start to wonder, what if the number suddenly increase like the one featured in the movies, mati gue, dah la hubby tak de. Tapi tak pe, dengan semangat yang ada, saya telah akhirnya berjumpa dengan botol ridsect dan mula membuat tembakan yang tepat ke arah lipas lipas itu...hmmm...semuanya menggelupur dan pengsan, saya pun mengutip lipas lipas itu, dan memasukkannya ke dalam beg plastik...ada sepuluh ekoq semua...

okay, keadaan sudah tenang..let me just breath and rest

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving Forward

Another weekend comes to end, and tomorrow, Monday is waiting. My schedule is full from Monday till Friday...semangat cikbib, semangat...

March is ending and April is coming. Y.Bhg. Dato' Deputy DGII is to retire on 20 April 2011...sob sob...sedih!! In fact, next week is going to be the last time that he will ever chair the duty exemption meetings (JPC1&2). We will miss him surely...and I pray hard that the next chairman will be equally good if not better.

What makes a good boss/chairman?Hmm

1) Knowledgeable! Yup, most important. Since JPC is such a technical thing, all the policy must be in your finger tips. You must also has a good knowledge on the industries and that include the important players and also the products.

2) Firm and able to make decision.

3) Be able to take things lightly, be able to forgive especially when the mistake is done by a young officer...if you are not able to do this, you will get stress out, members of the meeting will be stressed out, officers will be stressed, what's the point? That is one thing that I admire Y.Bhg. Dato'. He is like a father figure. Yes, he did pointed out mistakes and asked us to improve, but never in a way that makes us feel bad...

In preparation of the new chairman, my officer have been working very hard to make sure that all old applications be cleared by next week...ha ha ha...sebab mereka stress, the boss pun stress la jugak...good luck to us, good luck to Dato' and good luck to the new goes on I guess

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waktu ini

It is now lunch break. I have thought of attending this talk on 'tanda-tanda Qiamat', only to find out that it is going to be held tomorrow, not today..hih..terlebih semangak lo pulok is quite day. I have spent the whole morning amending my report. Not that it's that many, but i just could not find the suitable sentence..only one sentence...the whole morning?...not productive at all.

Hmm, I don't know when, but apparently my officers managed to sneak into my room and placed their report quitely on my table without having to say hi, that shows how much I was into the 'simple' report then.

Oh, yesterday I have chaired a meeting with this one Association. Actually, I have been thinking about this meeting since last Friday...why?? hik..the President is coming, along with the VP, Secretary, and a few other important members and are they sure they want to see me? The inexperienced DD?

Huh, since I did not want to spoil my precious weekend, I leave it to God, I just pray that I would be given the right thing to say at the right time, just that this time there's a little confidence in me since I do have some knowledge on the subject matter.

My experiences with other iron and steel organisations were really scary actually. These group people are really those ...I better watch my other words, they are not easy to handle...ha ha, but alhamdulillah, the group which came yesterday was much nicer and I think I did okay, if not excellence.

Actually I have started to chair meetings during my days in Corporate Division. I remember the first time when I need to chair a meeting, I called hubby for some advice. I remember he asked me to have information/statistics on hand and to start of the meeting with that. It worked! I also did some research via internet on dos and don't of a chairperson..he he.

But I think the most important think is knowledge on the subject matter and also the ability to speak/put forward your ideas and in MIDA most of the meetings are held in English. huh..which I am now very much lacking.

Anyway, at this moment, I welcome the experience...yeah, I can handle the small ones..just get ready for the big ones..haaaa...tu baru la kena tulis blog yang lain dengan tajuk, Gue Stress, kena Chair Meeting With one MNC...nauzubillah.

Okaylah, I want to try and catch some sleep..see you on the next post..(but again, ada tak orang yang baca blog ni ye? I wonder?)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 months

Yoo, yes, mulai 20 September 2010, saya telah kesekian kalinya dipindahkan ke Bahagian Baru, yup, bahagian memproses lesen, insentif dan duti import untuk barangan yang berkaitan dengan besi dan keluli..ha ha, barangannya sungguh tidak glamour, iron and steel.

Saya terus dimasukkan ke Bahagian Baru setelah habis bercuti raya..

Perasaan saya? Bercampur baur :

1) Lega : kerana saya melihat sangat kerja yang outstanding di Bhg Korporat yang agak mustahil untuk diselesaikan dengan jumlah tenaga serta kemahiran yang ada...

2) Gembira : kerana beban kerja di Bhg. Korporat dapat saya turunkan dari kedua-dua bahu ini, lebih-lebih lagi kerja untuk membuat minit mesyuarat Lembaga-Lembaga tuh..

3) Sedih : untuk meninggalkan pegawai-pegawai yang sangat commit dan dedikasi di Korporat..ramai yang bagus dan sangat ikhlas dalam bekerja

4) excited : yup, saya memang berhasrat untuk bekerja di Bahagian Industri sudah lama, so this is like a dream come true.

5) takut : yess...can I perform? kalau tidak perform macam mana? orang lain menjadi DD setelah mereka master the job...but I?...

With all those in my mind, I started my first day in my new Division...

1) you must go and see your boss, yes, Mr Foo..a quite mysterious guy, ha ha. I used avoid him but funny enough Allah has put me under him, ..huh. But Alhamdulillah, I think I really do appreciate him nowadays, though he speaks very little, he does take charge and give very good advice..

2) The room...uwaaaaa...sodih den, my room in Corporate was a big one (corner lot lagi) and after getting so used of the comfortable chair, I was thrown into a smaller room...uwaaaa....sedih, but I am thankful because I still have a good view from my room which I really need...I am the type that like to spend time looking out the windows..

3) The most scary one : the work ..I was given the task to handle JPC1 and JPC2 which I do not have any idea what it was all about.

I informed Mr Foo on the fact that I really have not idea on what jpcs are but he was not worried at all, I remember he was telling me to just give myself some time...relax HE (he gave me that name..)

After a week in that division, I fell ill and dapat MC...tu dia....bukan senang nak dapat MC tuh. Huh, after my MC, I have taken another one day EL..I was so stressed out actually and really needed a rest.

Funny, but after the two days rest, I felt better and went to start work again, and the rest is now just history...

Now, I am still learning each day..and tomorrow, 20 March 2011, genap 6 bulan di Metal (six long months)..I feel as if I have been here for more than one year...

Good luck cikbib..semua cabaran ini akan membina diri anda yang lebih baik, semoga setiap hari dapat di lalui dan diisi dengan tenang dan gembira, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan, insya allah

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To be or not to be

Latest news I heard was the break of Fukushima Nuclear Tank is getting worse. I have actually postponed my visit to 8 May 2011, but if the situation is getting worse, I may not be going at all...hmmm...tengok la dulu...

it's Shuk's birthday today, but there was no celebration. We woke up late, went to Azira for lunch, went back, rest, and went out again after, we did buy a small cupcake for Shuk, but we do not really like the taste though..yeah, Shuk is really choosy nowadays, kalau cake, mesti nak sekurang-kurangnya secret recipe...daserrrr

There is really nothing in the fridge now except for some instant malay kueh. If I want to cook, I need to do some marketing tomorrow, if not, it will be outside food for the whole of next week then...that is not inline with our mission to save more this year, ha ha..

okay lah, it's going to be a short post then...have a happy weekend alls

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Makan Kenduri

Baru-baru ni, kami telah dijemput ke Dewan Perdana Felda untuk menghadiri majlis perkahwinan anak rakan sekerja...Kami pergi awal, solat Maghrib di situ dan terus duduk dan menengok orang, he he...tak mingle pun....

Makanannya..sedap..pengantinnya cantik, hiburannya...boleh la, cuma hasrat kami untuk masuk ke dalam dewan itu akhirnya tercapailah...

oh ye, temanya pink, tapi saya pakai hijau..ha ha

gambar ni di ambil sewaktu nak balik
ha ha ha, nampak belakang pengantin tu...pengantin perempuan tu tinggi

nampaktak pengantin tu berjalan, that's the best we can get, malas nak bangun
high table
pentas dari dekat
table setting, pink and purple, air tu, rasa laici

En Shuk, baju dia terkena pulak dengan tema

huwaaaa, bergaya di depan camera sebelum bertolak

Penang Trip

ha ha ha, tengah macam rasa nak update blog kan, kita pun update je laaa...

Baru-baru ni, kami pergi Penang. Tujuannya : nak berehat and also to celebrate my birthday, he he...tapi, ye lah, orang Melayu kan, orang kg pulak tu, so, there was no cake, no present, no candle light dinner - only pasembur dinner...but we had a good time in Penang.

Hari pertaman, kami telah tidak berjumpa jalan lalu terus masuk ke Balik Pulau...mak aiiii....pergi jalan yang teruk tu, tengah ada construction pulak tuh...aduhhh...tapi nostalgia lah juga sebab saya kan bersekolah di MRSM Balik Pulau before....kami pun pusing lah pulau sebab saya tahu jalan tu akan ke Batu Feringgi...lepas pusing satu pulau, kita orang pun jumpa hotel dan checked in, oleh kerana tidak ada ramai orang, bilik telah diupgrade...suka!..lepas tu kami menung kat tepi pantai, jalan-jalan, berpeluh gila..balik mandi, solat maghrib dan pergi cari makan, apa lagi, makan pasembor lah. Malangnya, on the way there, hari hujan, jadi padang kota tidaklah semeriah biasa.

The next day, ingat nak pergi mandi laut, tapi hubby ada masalah hormon tak stabil, so we decided to pergi Gurney Plaza instead...malas nak berpanas. Punya lah besar Gurney Plaza tu, lengoh kaki...kita orang pergi cari beg tangan and travelling bag untuk mak, tapi beg tangan tak jumpa...lain kali kita beli ye..

By the way, we found out that in Penang, starting this year, you have to purchase your own plastic bag everyday whenever you do your shopping...bagus kan? saya sokong...bila la Selangor dan Perak nak ikut ni

Selepas kaki lengoh, kita orang pergi cari makan...apa lagi, nasi kandarlah. Lepas tu, kami pergi lepak dan termenung di tepi laut. Lepas tu, pergi KOMTAR pulak. The last time I visited KOMTAR was in 1986-87...waktu di MRSM...anddd...he he, sudah tukar lah...kami pun pusing-pusing, sebab memang dah penat, kita orang pun cari kerusi urut tuh..huh, ikutkan hati nak tidur je atas kerusi tuh. tapi tak sempat kan....

Kami betul-betul tak beli apa-apa pun untuk trip kali ni except jeruk buah pala sikit untuk kita orang dan emak di, expenses was totally on minyak, tol and food. Jimat!!

balik tu, kami memang letih, dua-dua lelap...malamnya, Shukri insist nak pergi padang kota juga sebab tidak hujan kan. Kami makan pasembor lagi bersama kerang rebus. Lepas tu, lepak lagi tepi pantai dan beli rojak buah...sembang-sembang, tengok orang, tangkap gambar dan balik. Tak pergi pun night market di Batu Feringghi...just don't feel like it

Seronok, tapi rasa trip kali ni pendek betulla..balik Shah Alam, kita orang terus pergi Travel Agency untuk belik tiket ke Tokyo...hmmm...with the current situation in Tokyo....I really do not know what to say...insya allah, kalau ada rezeki, kami akan sampai juga dengan selamat di Tokyo pada 3 April nanti.

The next two days, I worked really really hard with auditing jobs and all...he he...alhamdulillah ada kerja untuk menyara hidup kan? semoga lepas ni ada rezeki lebih untuk berjalan lagi..

Ada gambar di bawah ni, tapi sequence sudah lari..tak pa la kan....enjoy

yang ni waktu balik, we decided to take the ferry trip
pokok ni di padang kota, macam cantik la pulak
Building ni pun kat padang kota

makan rojak buah di padang kota...Shukri la beria-ia, maklumlah, terkenang waktu muda-muda dulu

menunggu rojak buah siap dengan kusyuk dan tawadduk

awat la tuuu? sedih kut sebab umur dah bertambah setahun lagi
tu dia, pasembor....

ohh, ni bilik dia, not bad, Hydro Hotel

gambar ni kena letak sebab I look small compare to the big rock, huh
Shuk, tengok belakang, tengok belakang

Konsert Jamal

Ha ha ha, konsert ni sudah lama berlaku, tapi baru sekarang sempat di muatkan di blog ini.

Sejak kahwin dengan Shuk, sudah tiga kali saya menghadiri konsert yang ada Jamal. Satu di PWTC dan dua di Istana Budaya...and if you ask me what do I think of Jamal/his show, my answer is, not bad at all. Given the chance to see him from near make me understand what 'aura' means, he he he, really.

Jamal is a good looking guy..he dressed well and he can really communicate with the audience. Hubby is really looking forward for his next concert already..he he

We went there early to collect our ticket which we have booked earlier via internet, had dinner, performed our maghrib prayer and took pictures...ha ha ha, seronok je. I have attached some pictures taken that night..

Yang ni, kami tangkap dari jauh, mula tu tak terfikir pulak nak pergi beratur minta signature dia

Lepak sebelum masuk dewan, lepas solat maghrib
dinner dekat cafe dia, harga dia okay sangat despite of the fact that it is located at Istana Budaya. Yang tu gue makan cucur udang
Shuk makan nasi lemak..kongsi. Ada beberapa orang artis yang ada dalam cafe tuh...
Shuk is waiting to collect the ticket, we have booked online
Sama tak? mana lagi ensem?
yeow...Shuk dah muka marah sebab I lambat baru, tak tahu nak guna..lepas tu orang yang jaga tuh asyik suruh cepat pulak tuh, menggeletar la saya

yang kat bawah ni, shuk dengan bersopannya minta tandatangan jamal....isk, puas hati betul En Shuk malam tu...

The long lost blogger

Lamanya saya tak update blog ni...ada orang yang ikut tak blog ni? kalau ada, sorry babe, I've been busy.

There's a lot to tell actually, thousands, but to allocate time to sit down and think on the best way to present it is really not easy...he he..

So, nak cerita apa ye?

Tomorrow I will have my massage session early in the morning. Kak Maria, the masseur promised to come around 9.00 a.m. tomorrow...I can't wait, really...I love it very much, release stress.

Oh, I did go to PD (30 December 2010) and Penang (7-9 March 2011). I realised how important to get away whenever time and money permits nowadays. I will try to post some pictures later.

By the way, March is the most important month for both Shuk and I. It's the month where we celebrated our anniversary, i.e. the fifth year, my birthday and Shuk's birthday. It it also the month when my eldest sister passed away. I am missing her...always. I just wish that I did more when she was still alive.

The earthquake in Japan yesterday really panicked the whole family. My older brother and his family are living in Tokyo now, but alhamdulillah, all of them are safe.

okay, enough writing, please enjoy some of the photos taken when we were having our holiday in PD..

We stayed as Thistle, 5 star and a new hotel. We purposely chose a slightly higher price hotel since we would like to spend time in a room which is nicer than our own room at home...ha ha ha...maklumlah, sebelum ni asyik duduk di Seri Malaysia aja..

We took this picture from the swimming pool...the balcony with our baju busuk

I realised that my husband does look good in photos, for that reason, I simply avoid taking pictures with him...

What am I doing here...tepi pantai

jurusnya...he he...terpaksa berlari sebab kamera tu tangkap sendiri within 10 seconds kan

sesak buai tu sebab yang naik tu baru dalam proses nak jadi slim..aaamiiiin

Shuk sangat comfortable sebab dia slim...kami kena tukar badan, baru cun

tulis nama atas batu...ehhh...pasirAdd Image