Saturday, July 17, 2010


Opppssss...sorry la sebab sudah lama tak update blog ni, penyakit malas sudah melanda..

Anyway, this post is about Hani's wedding (Hani is my niece, husband's side ) which was held from Thursday till Sunday last week. It started off with 'khatam Quran' ceremony. I have never attended one before, so this is new to me. Basically, the bride read the short surahs and everybody else listened...except for me of course since I coughed non stop, memalukan betul...after that, as usual, we ate...nasi putih dengan kuah nenas warna kuning yang sedap

On the second day, it was the nikah's day... held at a nearby surau after solat asar. After that, there's high tea at the bride's house...ada kambing lagi...ada mee rebus, karipap, kuih gelang dll...

On Saturday, the reception was held at Precint 16 Community Hall...semua orang kena pakai peach...I don't have one, so mine was a little orange...

On Sunday, the groom's house at Jalan Kebun...nasi dia sedap betullll...

Well..actually, there was so many thing to tell but I would like to highlight on one thing..the sad feeling of a bride to be left at her new family's house...

Watching Hani cried from far make me remember the way I felt when the same thing happened 4 years ago... ha ha ha, how I cried. I felt lost, fortunately I was already 36 years old and mature...if not, I sure insisted on following my family back home that afternoon. My husband was not helping either, he prefers to mingle with the guys and in fact he only entered the room at almost 4 in the morning...kejam kan?? no doubt I was having my period then...he he

I woke up late on my first day at my in law's...ha ha ha fail!!! The thing is, I did wake up early but everyone else was sleeping...whatever the reason was, I still failed...ha ha

The first 2 years was not easy for me, even now is not that easy. But I will always pray that my stay at my mother in law's is going to be an easy one so that the long days will passed quickly..yes, I turn to Allah

Okay lah, enough story, do enjoy the photos..

hubby in front of the dais the night of Khatam quran

wedding day (community hall, precint 16, Putrajaya)

my side of family who attended

orang kata, jangan bergambar dengan orang yang lebih cantik, nanti kita nampak kurengg cantik this a mistake?

I love the fresh flowers....
One for the camera again