Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just would like to trash out what's inside my mind now so that I could get through the days without having to spoil the whole day feeling unhappy.

I have planned this long holiday weeks earlier. Since it's no fun celebrating your holidays alone, I have consulted hubby on the dates and he has sort of promised me that if he cannot have the whole 4 days, he could at least get 2 days off...and I was happy.

We wanted to go to Cameron Highland but has decided to go to Malacca instead. I have already felt so excited until he informed me just now that his application was not approved, he could only get Thursday off...and I was like....I don't know what to say.

So, to whom should I trash my anger now? I feel like crying out loud...I am crying now!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I make it through?

I am now sitting in my living room, on a sunny Monday morning. I'm on leave today. Yeah, I desperately need a break.

My boss was on a long MC last month and left me with all the responsibilities. I felt as if I was brought into the middle of sea and was left alone to swim to the shore. There was a time that I think it was so unfair but fortunately I was not given time to think. Too much work and too little time limit my mind to wonder... I just go on and on and I must admit that there were times that I feel my head felt so heavy and I just wish out...yeah, I just want a break..

I know I must not prolong it for it will could damage my health..I could get hypertension (god forbids)...I could get heart attack...I'm serious. I must learn to take things easy and learn to control stress...I must love myself more.

But come to think of it, I think I wouldn't mind doing loads of jobs. I do not really mind to stay back and finish up my work everyday...but I think what's missing is motivation....I must find ways to motivate myself and also my officers, and please god, help me....