Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hani's Engagement

Another hectic weekend for me and hubby..whoosh...

It started off on Friday night, I have literally planned my evening and that was to prepare the house since Shuk's sisters and mom were coming. But then, the moment I opened my car door, Shuk informed me that we were invited to have dinner at his brother's house.

Luckily my house's condition was not so bad..yup, it was maintained quite well after Kakak left, I was not very worried then.

We had dinner and have only gone back after 12. Once I arrived home, I quickly prepared the rooms so that my visitors can go straight to sleep once they arrived. They left Kulim quite late (after 10 pm) and according to my estimation they will only arrived after four a.m. and I was right..they have only reached my house after 5 a.m. Ergggg I cannot imagine how tired they were.

On the next day, the engagement ceremony was held at 3.00 p.m (Saturday) and I must say I have always enjoyed myself witnessing the discussion between the bride&bridegroom to be representatives ... yuppp, they made me smile

as usual, the family gathering on Shuk's side prolonged...we only left kenduri's house at 8 and we were not going straight back but instead we decided to go to Cheras (Shuk's brother's house). Though at that moment, all of us were not fresh anymore (we need to bath, badly) we just feel that since it's not easy to get those outside KL to come, let's just take the opportunity to bring them around...fresh or not.

At least this time we left for home before 11 (very early for Shuk's family's standard). Once home, we bathed and Shuk and his sisters decided to go to Shah Alam's uptown at Section 24. I was glad that I did not have to go since I was so damn tired... he he, I have to stay and baby sit.

The next day, we were invited to have lunch at Abang Halim's house (again)... Shuk's mom was there anyway.. We had lunch, talked and only left the house at 4.45. Since we need some rest, we decided not to join the group to go to Cheras again.

We reached our beloved house at around 6. Huh..we changed and started to get some sleep...

Oh, as expected, BN won the election...

Tomorrow, I will be attending a seminar at PICC and therefore I could not attend the Hari Raya Party at my old Division (ITS). Have a jolly good time guys..sorry because I could not attend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jamuan Raya


Gambar-gambar diatas diambil pada hari Sabtu baru-baru ini, 3 Oktober 2009 bertempat di rumah saya di seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Siapa yang datang? Ramai, Kakak & family, Kakcik & family, Abang Hab & family, Mek Yah & family and my own mother. Meriah? mestilah...

Saya belajar tentang banyak perkara hari ni, antaranya adalah, jangan beli cili kering yang mengerekot tu. Rasanya tidak sedap dan sangat pedas. These chillies has really spoiled the taste of my ayam masak merah that day...tak pe lah, lain kali saya masak yang lain ye.

Oppsss...about the gathering, ada banyak bende yang berlaku sebenarnya. Ada tahlil, ada makan-makan dan ada birthday celebration but the most important thing is to be able to spend time together with your relatives. And of course we were so lucky because kakak, abang Hatta, Fatihah & emak were also present.

Menu...huh..ayam masak merah, sayur goreng and ikan goreng. Opah asked me to prepare sambal belacan, tapi belacannya nggak ada...soooo...

The whole ceremony ended at around 11. Everybody were tired but we had a good time. Let's plan for the next gathering ha...maybe we can do it somewhere else...pergi pantai ke..pergi Muara ke (ada orang yang ambil PHD tu dulu janji nak belanja kat Muara...)...

By the way, if you are wondering what is actually written on the cake (second picture), it was Happy Birthday Malena. It melted and became like that...he he...tapi sedap.