Wednesday, February 25, 2009


1 March 2008…Yong passed away.

I have written this earlier and sort of scheduled it to be posted yesterday but it did not happen!.. I need to learn more..anyway, this is a tribute to Yong. I would also like to dedicate this to her strong three daughters....:))

I could not recall another day or time when my feelings were the same as the moment I was informed that there's nothing more that could be done to save Yong. I wished I could do something to make her live again, which was simply impossible. Being a Muslim, I accepted fate and pray the best for her life hereafter.

When I was a child, I remember Yong as this gentle kakak, and the prettiest in the family (kakak was kind of brutal back then, he he). She was my favourite kakak. I remember the day I went to school when I was only six and Yong has just came back for her holiday from MPSI. She was so excited and waved me good bye from the hall’s window in Chemor….

There was also the time when she put me on the bicycle and threatened to send me out for adoption…I was so scared and cried, but she simply laughed away.

She was the first one I called after I decided to get married…and I think she was the most excited also…I am not sure whether it is coincidence, but Yong has actually taken a photo of mind and met this ustaz and asked him to pray my jodoh, maybe the prayer was granted because not long after that I simply decided to get married….sampai seru

There’s something about her that make people feel at ease…she is a good cook and really good in talking…I like to listen to her…

Being the eldest, Yong has helped to support the family and for that I am sure all of us thank her.

Not long before she passed away, I have promised to visit her in Lenggong but somehow was not able do so. I called her and she said she was about to cook fried macaroni and sandwich…well, maybe next time, but now it just never will happen.

For me the time spent with her was too short, I wish for more time but I guess Allah knows best. Yong has passed to us her three daughters, Ika, Ina & Ima, and if we have not spent enough time with Yong, maybe we could allocate more time with her children. May Allah Bless Us All.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

family gatherings...

These pictures were taken during our gossip session at Uncle K Kopitiam

Ini meja lelaki, abang Halim, Joe & Zaki...Shuk tak nampak

The one in green tudung is Kak No (kakar ipar shuk), in pink is Anis (Shuk's niece) and the one holding a baby is Ida (adik Shuk)

The one holding the camera is Hani (anak sedara Shuk), Ida and Kak Ina (kakak ipar Shuk)

I have attended two family gatherings (my husband's side) over the weekend (last week we had one in Serdang). One was held in Cheras...his cousin's house and the other one was at a wedding (motorcyclist, Zambri Baba's wedding). The wedding was held in somewhere in Kelang and was a meriah ceremony...with karaoke and cabutan bertuah...

We went there after zohor, reached the place around 2.30 and stayed there until is a normal practice for my husband's family to stay and sembang-sembang first before going back, infact 4.30 could be considered as very early compare to other weddings where they might stay untill 6.30...uwaaaa.....
This time we did not went back straight home, instead it was decided that we would first stopped at SACC Mall...they went around and did some shopping and at around 6.15 we headed to Uncle K Kopitiam. We stayed there untill 7.15 and only went home after 7.30...

I had fun but at the same time I do miss my family (my side). We used to have gatherings but due to our different commitment it is hard to have everyone around at one time. I hope we could have one gathering when we come back for Fizah's wedding. Maybe we could arrange a tahlil for Yong and we could have makan-makan...I hope to see everyone in Chemor later...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The week ends again...

It's Friday, and it's already after eight and here I am, not alone in the office (boss gue is still around) but as usual, another late Friday...but nothing can spoil my excitement for tomorrow...cutiiiiii!

Hmmm...I'm trying to organize a trip to Langkawi this coming March, during the school break. I'm not sure wheather it can be materialized or not...but I sure hope it will.

The only thing is, I was only informed yesterday and I'm scared that I may not be able to get a place to spend the night...but anyway, kalu ada rezeki kalu, adalah...insya allah.

I do not really have any particular plan for tomorrow actually...I guess the usual morning walk...tidy up the house, maybe I'll cook this time...we'll see lah. office is in a mess now. I have just completed my audit around 7.30 pm and had been away from the room for the whole week...I need some time to tidy up..helpp

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my kaki

uhhhh...I hope God is going to grant me something really 'grand' after giving me all this sakit kaki...angkatan wanita insaf betul I big kaki is soo sakit ( I fall during my morning run a few weeks back)...yesterday I almost twisted the same leg when I accidently stepped on the computer cable and today...I accidently kicked the chair... HUWAAAAA... .sakitnye...nak nangis betul...Malam ni nak minta tok bomoh yang duduk kat Baiduri Tingkat Enam tu sapu ubat laaa...doa-doa sikit...doa dia ni makbul jugak..insya allah...

Monday, February 16, 2009

it is going to be a busy week..

Since I have to do internal audit this whole week, I may not be able to update this blog . But since I am too tired now and cannot do work, I would like to share my weekend activities here.

On Saturday we cancelled our plan to jog since my feet were still in pain. But in the afternoon we decided to go to dataran Shah Alam to watch the Le Tour De Langkawi...we were suprised because the number of people were not that many, anyway we had free milo and were able to see Khalid Ibrahim and his almost 1 million Lexus...he he.

On Sunday we went to visit Shuk's nephew who's leg were broken...cian betul...must be really painful. There were a lot of food and since both of us skipped lunch, we really hantam everything...he he...and when we got back..we were sooo tired.

Okaylah...I will try to write again later...tq

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Ajim

I am going to be very busy today and next week, so this is not going to be a long one and is without picture. I would like to dedicate this to Ajim, Happy Birthday.

I still remember back then (I think sometime in 1988) when I have given a call to Chemor from one of the public phone in Sekolah Seri Puteri. Mek Yah has informed me that kakak has given a birth to a baby boy on Valentine's Day, so, we still celebrate something on this 14 February....

Ajim must be 21 now...grown up, but he used to be this sweet boy, even Wan Saidah called him handsome. Unlike Pijah, I did not have the chance to really take care of him when he was small since he cried a lot (angin pasang). Sometimes his parents have to call someone (tak ingat saper) to massage him or something because he just never stopped crying, but alhamdulillah he is okay now..

During my semester break I will allocate time to visit Ajim and Pijah and bawa them jalan-jalan...they were excited to take the bus trip...we will go to Mc Donalds...grab something to eat and went back...

But all of those happy memories must have faded from Ajim's database now...only we the old ones remember...kih kih kih ...I grew up and Ajim has also grown up and our priority has changed along the way...I rememeber the days when Ajim decided not to go with other family members to Terengganu with this one PMR and SPM....hmmm...remaja...

But for today, Acik Bib would like to wish Ajim Happy Birthday...All the best...May Allah Bless You...And Jangan tinggal solat...(waktu kecik untuk setiap waktu solat Ajim akan tanya mak Ajim waktu ni solat apa and berapa rakaat)....and if I never told you before...I love you and always pray for your wellbeing....


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where can we find a delicious chicken chop in Shah Alam?

Yesterday, 10 February 2008, after a tiring day, I managed to reach Shah Alam before 6.30, hmmm, since Maghrib is quite late nowadays, Shuk & I decided to go makan first before we go home.

This is where we eat.. can you see the tortoise on the rock?

We have tasted quite a nice chicken chop in Ipoh recently..Abang Hatta la, we decided to hunt for a chicken chop today. Do you know Kedai Kopi 2 which located next to Masjid Shah Alam..near the museum? Well..after three years passing the kedai, we finally managed to hop in and ready to try the food
We liked the place, with the lake and the tortoise, ...peaceful...the service was okay and overall the place is clean ..and the food...we ordered chicken chop and rojak buah...the rojak was nice but the chicken chop..we decided to visit the shop in Ipoh again later...he he

We had a picnic!!

Yohoooo...we went for a picnic last Sunday...Mek Yah's family, Shuk & I, plus Along....the only activity was makan...until you really cannot makan...Mek Yah cooked nasi lemak with tumis ikan bilis and petai...some boiled eggs, sandwich (sardine) and also the proudly presented by ainaa & Iman...the carrot cake...huwa thing for sure, all of us went back full..

maybe next time cikbib will cook instead and invite you all come since this time my contribution was some malay kueh which I bought with penuh kasih sayang from Cili Merah...he he..

maybe next time we'll go to Bukit Cerakah and sewa nya
Ini carrot cake nya...boleh tahan, not so sweet

Family Photo

I visited kakak during the Chinese New Year break recently. Kakak has got this family photo which was taken either in 1975 or 1976 and we would like to save it from fading but still could not find any solution. We would welcome suggestions.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


my own blog! Saya ada blog sendiri...he he...tak percaya?..Shukri percaya tak?...Percayalaaaahhhh (lagu siti nurhaliza)

Hari ini saya di ofis, perlu bekerja. Sebenarnya bahagian saya telah selesai semalam (kami bekerja sampai 11 malam), tapi hari ini tetap datang, untuk memberi semangat kepada yang lain (dan boleh menulis blog...hari lain usah harap lah sempat)
Apart from memos, letters and the usual mundane statistical report, I have not been writing for quite some times, not even letters, so, I guess this will be a perfect place to polish up my writing...and do pardon me if the standard does not meet up with your expectation.
Ingat tak waktu kecil dulu dan kita ada diary (my first diary was given by kak cik when I was 9)...and we will always start with..Dear Diary...okay that's how I'll start today
Dear Diary...
I woke up this morning with slight pain all over my body, I must be getting older since I used to work harder before with no pain, no headache...but this time....., due to pain, I cancelled my plan to go for my morning jog...I went on sleeping and only woke up at 8 a.m. I took my bath, had breakfast and went straight to work.
How do I feel today? tell the truth this year started quite bad...I share the pain that my kakak is having and now I am sharing the pain with most Perakian...semoga Allah memberikan saya, kakak dan semua orang Perak kekuatan dan ditunjukkan jalan untuk mengatasai masalah yang datang.
I guess this is enough for a start, maybe I will upload some pictures later. Thank You.