Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am movin

I'll be on leave tomorrow till next Tuesday (4th August) because I am moving to my new house on till we meet again, adios!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Freak Out!

Yupp! That's what I did yesterday, why? Because of the news that Yasmin Ahmad collapsed because of stroke.

Yasmin is not overweight and she's an active person but still...she had stroke due to bleeding in the brain, her blood pressure must be high at that particular time then.

The exact same thing happenned to Abang Aziz (Ika's father) and he did not survive long after that. But then, one of my friend's mother had survived and is still alive and living fully after more than 7 years she had her first stroke (Yasmin had her first stroke 4 years ago).

I am not going to write about stroke here (you can find the defination in wikipedia yourself) but I pray that I really do not have to suffer stroke in future (please). I know that I am overweight and I really am a big eater (big appetite)and I remember my father had hipertension..and I may inherit that from him, and I really look like my father, my mother said I walk just like my father, abang said I move just like my father... and I am afraid to see the doctor just like my father and my husband is not helping at all since he is so scared of doctors himself and...I am damned scared man! I freaked out...

I am almost 40, I have learned to love life nowadays, I have many plans which can only be achieved later in life (sekarang tak cukup duit lagi). I just have to take care of my self more..consume less, but burn up more..please god, give me strength

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orang Ipoh dah Mai

Last Saturday, Kakak, Abang Hatta, Fatihah & Hazim came. They reached Shah Alam at around 1.30 p.m., 1 hour and 30 minutes earlier than planned..he he..

Well, since they came early, we decided to bring them around town, but first of all, we brought them to visit our new house which is still under renovation. After that we went to Mek Yah's house to pick up the twin (mana seronok kalu twin tak join...kan??).

After that we brought them to Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco. Little that we know, the shopping centre was totally irrelevant! No fun at all. While kakak and I went around browsing, the kids and Abang Hatta suddenly dissapeared...yup...they went to the food court..twin and Fatihah had each ordered chicken chop...huh..we can have that in Shah Alam also right...anyway..all of us decided to sit and order something. After that we went straight home.

At night, Sara (Abang Hatta's niece) came with her hubby and baby. Amalena & Ari have decided to join our night activities too. Yup, my small apartment was soo meriah (alhamdulillah) with so many visitors. After Sara left, we went to dine at Pelita Section 9 and after that, we went to the famous 'night field' near the Shah Alam's museum.

As usual, I took the opportunity to take a short walk with Malena while the kids were playing badminton. Ari played until his t-shirt was drenched with peluh and he was panicked when Shuk jokingly said he must walk home, smelly...tak leh masuk kereta

We left the field at 12.00, went to sent Mey Yah's children and hit the bed straight after that. I hope kakak and the family did get a good night sleep..

The next day, I woke up at 6.30, solat subuh and went to the kitchen. Hazim's registration is at 11.00, therefore we will only make our move from Shah Alam at around 10.00. I decided to make nasi goreng and fry the instant popia/otak2 which I have brought back from JB. We need energy babe, to stay strong for the day.

When we arrived at UNIKL, we found out that the registration has actually started at 8.30..if only we have known earlier. Since it was already peak time when we arrived, the time spent waiting was almost 3 hours..UNIKL should really improve their registration system.

Once ready, we went to Bukit Endah Bangsar for hostel's registration. The whole process completed at around 5.20.

Kakak had a hard time saying good bye. It's the same for Fatihah and Abang Hatta. I just look from far since gue pun kuat menangis gak. Abang Hatta pun telah meninggalkan beribu-ribu nasihat..jangan tinggal sembahyang, jaga diri baik2...bla bla bla...Shuk pun tinggalkan satu nasihat gak..ngoratlah seorang cikgu dari Maktab Perguruan kat depan tuh...he he, cerah masa depan, ada pencen!!

after that we headed to Amjal's stall..we were so damn hungry.

Abang Hatta ordered nasi putih, sup tulang & telor dadar, kakak could not wait so she ate the nasi lemak in daun pisang (readily available on the table), Shuk ordered nasi putih & paprik, Fatihah ordered nasi goreng (nasib baik lapar sangat, if not sure tak lalu makan sebab sedih) and I ordered mihun tomyam.

Alhamdulillah, kenyang perut senang hati...lepas tuh, kami pun hantarlah abang Hatta balik, masuk tol Jalan Duta ajalah, lepas tu dia pergi Ipoh, kami balik Shah Alam.

Malamnya, Shuk lena terus lepas Maghrib. I stayed up for a little while to watch final Mentor. Tak habis pun, lena separuh jalan. Esoknya baru cari dalam internet siapa yang menang.

Monday, July 6, 2009


betul ka ejaan tuh? anyway, I have just realised that I have a new follower..amir arif namanya...WELKAMM...

I just remember, Opah was telling me that amir and his siblings has helped opah to clean/wash her flowers recently..she is very happy.Thank you Amir, lain kali buat lagi ye.


Kata orang, kalau rumah kita selalu diziarahi orang, maksudnya murah rezeki.

I am living in an apartment which is located on the 6th floor. It's a nice cute apartment but for visitors, they will find it hard to find a place to park their car. Due to this, we seldom have visitors.

But somehow, di hari-hari terakhir kami tinggal di sini (insya allah akan pindah in August), ramai tetamu hadhir. Semuanya untuk menghantar anak-anak ke universiti/kolej.

Abang Shuk ada datang on 21 June...bersama lima orang anak-anak nya dan saya telah buat caramel (caya tak?) and goreng popia segera. Hmm...mendapat sambutan.

On 27 June, Abang (Cik Mat/Pak Ngah) pula datang bersama-sama lima orang anak-anaknya...huh, meriah jadinya rumah. For dinner saya masak udang tumis dengan sayur campur...for breakfast the next day saya masak nasi goreng...Good Luck Athirah...Semoga cemerlang di UKM dan kalau ada peluang, carilah jodoh yang baik juga.

On 30 June, Kakak Shuk pula datang (Kak Maton). Dia datang membawa suami, anak (5 orang), menantu and one cucu....lagi meriah...tapi tak tidur...singgah sahaja. Since saya kerja, saya cuma buat air teh aja and hidang biscuits & ice cream. Malamnya kami pergi rumah Abang Shuk di Taman Equin untuk dinner.

and Insya allah, Kakak & Abang Hatta will be coming minggu ni, 11 Julai. Ajim akan mendaftar di UNIKL on 12 Julai...dah excited ni...tengah fikir nak masak ke atau bawak jalan...Abang Hatta tu suka keluar kut.

Anyway...Selamat Datang Semua Orang ...WELKAMMM...WELKAMMM...


We went back to Chemor on Friday, reached the place around 1 and went back to sleep.

Actually it has been a tiring week for me and also Shuk. To manage my things and move to new division really tire me. Due to this prolong tiredness, on Saturday, we continue sleeping after our Subuh prayer and only woke up at 8.00 (he he...imagine how marah opah is).

After that, my eating marathon started. Opah made some nasi goreng with kacang panjang that came straight from her garden..sedap. Shuk and Izzat on the other hand has also brought some nasi lemak from their favourite stall. huh...rasa berdosa makan.

Emak has cooked some fish curry for lunch. We had a late lunch (at around 2.30) since everybody was full already.

At around 3.00 Shuk went back to Ijok..kononnya ada durian.

Kakak arrived at around 3.10 andddd, aktiviti di meja makan diteruskan. Kakak brought along some goreng pisang and kuih...I made tea..and there we went, we touched all topics, family, artists (Michael Jackson), everthing, you name it..and ate.

Maksu (anak opah demam)came at around 6.30...she has some important discussion with Emak..Kakak went back at 7.00 and surprisingly Shuk arrived back from Ijok at 8.30...mesti bawak laju tu

Shuk dapat 6 biji durian..alhamdulillah...ingat hati nak makan banyak, tapi tak larat pun...kami buka 2 biji sja.

Esoknya, kami keluar rumah pukul 9.15 pagi. Singgah sekejap rumah Mek Yah hantar cempedak..sian twin, they can smell durian, but there were no durians...nanti suruh papa beli ye.

After that, we went to visit our new house at Jalan Ferum.

My husband and I are now busy with our new house (the old house that we bought). Since it is not so new, there's quite a number of things that we need to do to improve the condition of the house.

We have chosen the contractor and they are now doing the renovation work. Based from the proposal, the total cost would be RM25K and that does not include lights and fans (Yesterday we have spent RM1,500 for lights and fans...huh...) and other hidden cost that does not appear in the quotation.

I visited the house yesterday to check on what the contractor has done. The upstairs floor was almost ready and so does the ceiling. Hmm...I think my husband/contractor has made a few decisions without consulting me (the boss/queen of the house, he he)...which I really think they should...and, being me..I just ask them to, please.

I am a little bit sad to see how small the kitchen has became once they built the kitchen cabinet. It is almost as big as my Baiduri's kitchen. But then, let's look at the bright side...less space would mean less maintenance/cleaning to do.

I wanted to enlarge the kitchen actually but that would burst my limited budget, so, we decided to hold the idea as for now. Maybe later, insya allah.

The process of buying lampu and kipas was not that simple either. First you have to find the best shop (we visited 5 shops and it was tiring). Once we decided on the shop, we have to choose the type of lampu/kipas that we like/can afford. After that, my husband will do the bargaining (he is very good in this). The time spent it the selected shop was almost 1 hour...and I was soo hungry.

Since we only managed to finalize everything at around 7 pm yesterday, we just have to go back for Maghrib first instead of going somewhere for dinner. Once we reached home, we decided to have dinner in instead of out. I cooked kerapu sweet sour with sayur campur. As always, sedap ke tak sedap ke, semua licin.

We were so tired last night that at 10 pm, both of us could not open our eyes anymore. Only this I morning I heard that Federer won the Wimbledon..and I am so happy!

Well, today Shuk is suppose to see the contractor again clarify on a few things...I hope everything will go as planned, Insya allah!

congratulation abang Hab

I received a call from Kak Lina on 18 June 2009(thursday night) where she invited Shuk and I for a kenduri kesyukuran. I did ask her the kesyukuran is for what..she did not answer, she said ' I'll tell you later'.

We were not informed on the 'aturcara majlis' earlier and simply do our own planning. We planned to perform our Maghrib prayer at Bukit Beruntung R&R therefore we started off from Shah Alam at around 7.00, solat kat Bukit Beruntung and went straight to Sg Buaya.

We arrived at Sg. Buaya at around 8 only to find out that the Imam was already about to finalize his doa'..ada baca yassin and tahlil rupanya. If we have known, we should have came earlier.

Anyway, Mek Yah's family (plus Along) and of course Kak Ina's family..her kakaks, abangs and everybody were around. We ate until we cannot ate anymore and sembang-sembang. We were actually waiting for Kak Cik yang tak sampai-sampai.

Mek Yah went home at around 9.00. while I decided to wait for Kak Cik. Bukan senang nak jumpa adik beradik ni, so I guess since I was already there, why not wait.

Kak Cik arrived at about 10.00 but it I think it was really worthwhile to wait. The whole family except for Amal & Amir were around. Since most guests have already left, Kak Ina & Abang Hab could afford a break and we spent some time sembang2 and had some nescafe tarik.

We went back to Shah Alam at almost twelve...and, I was right, the kenduri was for abang hab's long awaited promotion..he he...congratulation lah Leftenan Kolenal Abdul Wahab!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have moved to my new division, 100%. And how do I feel? *?*$!%

The last few days was very tiring. I became the shredder machine, tearing all those papers with confidential info. Thank god it's over. I am determined to be more organize and do spring cleaning more often in future.

I actually have started to sort out my things last Friday. I did not really do anything on Monday because of the afternoon meeting. I managed to get 98% ready by yesterday and yes today, I am already in the Corporate Division.

How do I feel? It remind me of the time when Emak & Abang left me at MRSM Terendak in 1983. I was lost..alone.

Actually the feeling started when Zul & Shahril sent my things to my new room and said goodbye...he he...believe it or not I started crying (but they did not see lah)...goodness.

After that I cried again in the toilet...I sure hope this will be over soon.

I just heard from Zai that I will not be attending the WGFDIS meeting in Melaka on the 14th July...though I understand why, I still wish that I could go..he he..because I have been excited about it since last April...tapi takpe,as Shuk said, Melaka dekat je, nanti kita gi sindri..tq beb

wokay..that's for today. Itulah padahnya when you are stationed at one place for too long..I hope this is a start for me, maybe I could go somewhere else from here, Insya allah