Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JAPAN, 17 MAY 2011

Originally, on this day, we wanted to go to Hakone, the area where you can view the mount Fuji clearly. Unfortunately, we started of a little bit late, so we decided to book for the next day's bus instead. And instead of mount Fuji, we decided to take a ride on the speed train..namanyaaa Shinkansen.

Of course this is among the must do thing in hubby's list. Well, due to that, I leave all the arrangement to him and Iyal. They decided on the location to go and let me tell you, for three person, we spent more than RM300 for tickets. Itupun kira murah because hubby has calculated wrongly at first and we thought it would cost us more than 1k...ha ha, kalau tahu RM300 je, mesti kami pergi sampai Nagoya, hi hi, and beli set Noritake satu...

Anyway, after all the difficulties in buying tickets (the counter man cannot speak English, so, communication was the problem), the three of us walked happily for another adventure in a Shinkansen...

Iyal teringin bergambar dengan makwe gebu kat belakang tuh, he he

oh, the information printed on the back of the train chair

happy lagi sebab dapat duduk, lepas tuh, kena tukar gerabak, kami kan beli ticket yang paling murah

akhirnya we decided to berdiri je

kami pergi ShinYokohama 
yeah, one snap in front of the gate..make sure Shinkansen tu masuk ye cikbib

muncung train macam dolphin 
our tickets, sepatah haram tak faham...

lepas tu, kami pergi Ginza...tempat ini bila pergi memang ada rasa kelas atasan sikit...tapi kami kejap je kat sini, kaki dah letih

 Dalam letih tu, sempat lagi singgah Asakusa..yang ni, orang bawa beca tuh, macam auwww pulak kan
bangunan ni, pelik sikit kan?

menyampah tul, semua mulut makan chewing gum, tu la fasal macam tuh, menyesal betul

Seorang jejaka bermisai memakai payung

baliknya, singgah makan di Shibuya, di Mister Kebab. Jepun tu baik, very nice

seblum naik train, Shuk singgah sini..sabar je la

Sampai rumah, kak nah masak mee rebus..sedapp....

Monday, June 27, 2011

JAPAN, 16 MAY 2011

Japan, 16 May 2011. We went to Yoyogi Park. The park was opened with the conjunction of the 1964 Olympic games. The park is huge and just imagine, my mother, age 77 years having to walk all the way. Walau bagaimanapun, semangatnya terus membara.

We walked from the train station to Yoyogi Park

We walk, walk, and walk

ushh, penat, rehat jap. Lutut mak I mesti dah berlaga tu

the trees, tempat ni cantik sangat, so green during summer/spring and imagine the falling leaves during autumn 

the infamous bridge in the middle of the park

again we walk and this time we were not sure where we were heading actually

suddenly, we found a garden of roses, we were so excited

nice one ha...Shuk took this one

yeah, the pintu gerbang...

the roses here were so huge, mesti letak hormone

tengok muka Imtiyaz...banyak perancangan tu dalam otak dia.

the Olympic Stadium. Only Shuk and I went, my mom and the others waited somewhere else, kaki sudah lengoh

 Shuk, in front of the stadium, different angle
in front of the Meiji Shrine, I wish I could go in but my mother was already too tired and Imtiyaz was already sleepy, maybe next time (will there ever be next time?)

tangkap gambar sendiri...bila balik, kami berdua lepak dulu kat bawah, tangkap gambar...he he

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I-City lagi?

Atikah, my sister's daughter came last Friday. Well, as usual, we will bring our guest to visit the I-City. The only thing is that we discovered that there were less lights nowadays and the attention has diverted to the snow house instead, ha ha...mahai la pulak, RM25 each for adults.

They provide sweater but if you really plan to go, I would advise you to wear a proper shoes with sock and all because it is really cold and slippery.

Hubby could not stand the cold and decided to go out early. Yup, after a while, you may feel a slight pain with your feet. But being me, I was determined to take the slide ride first...heeee....siap jatuh terlentang lagi..alhamdulillah tak cedera. Tapi slide tu memang best, mencabar, terhantuk-hantuk punkoq,  ha ha ha.

After the snow house, we went to visit the entire area, took pictures and on our way back, we bought some durians. Sampai rumah, terus makan durian dan tidur sebab esoknya kena bangun awal untuk hantar Atikah ke Seremban.

Hmmmm....okay, just enjoy the photos.

dua orang anak dara gebu..

best couple of the year! yay! aaammiiinnnn...kalau nak masuk, pakai sneakers dari rumah, I tahan sikit sebab banyak lemak, Shuk masuk-masuk terus menggeletar dan kaki rasa kebas dan sakit

Shuk dalam igloo, tak payah pergi kutub kan

Ice castle

pastu, kami pergi jalan-jalan kat ICT. Tiba-tiba saya sakit perut pulak (Dejavu???) betulla, nasib baik jumpa toilet yang bersih, alhamdulillah

Ika posing 
Lembu, ye la, kalau lembu hidup mana sempat nak bergambar pegang-pegang kan?

di bawah tanglung

Ika...hmmm, pandai posing dia ni

The next day, we sent Ika to Seremban 2. The registration was done in the morning, after that we sent her to the hostel and went out for some last minute shopping and lunch.. 

one more photo before goodbye

Ika dekat tingkap bilik, bye Ika, take a good care of yourself!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's travel through one self that is me

I am down. I know because suddenly I am becoming more sensitive, lost self confidence, not focused, self centred and very negative. In short, within this period of time, I just hate myself.

The new boss has really turned me around. I have to be here, there and everywhere. He wants me to know everything that is going on and he always want the division to be ahead from everyone in providing information to our top management. Hmmm, he is good, but after being too comfortable with my last cool boss, the changes are rather too fast to adapt.

Let's forget about office life for a while. Hubby and I are now feeling bored. There's nothing interesting to watch except for the Wimbledon Tennis Game. As a result, I switched on this PC and started writing.

I'll be on leave tomorrow. My niece will be coming all the way from Ipoh. I am also waiting for another niece from UKM coming. Yeah, where are you Athirah? Anyway, kalau lambat pun tak pe, cikbib tak sempat lagi kemas bilik kakak...hiks...ada penyakit M baru-baru ni.

Tu dia, this is a very merapu post. I really do travel from the inner me..to office, to my house and to my niece. That is just an evidence to proof how normal/matured a person I am. Hikkksssss...yup, a normal person is never perfect, that is just what I am.

And now, I long for something creamy, like a hot milo or chocolate...hmm, I would like to have some!

bla bla bla

There were days when I reached home and longed for my sleep. The first two days of this week was the good example where I reached home, cooked dinner, ate, pray and the moment when I touched the pillow, I simply went out of this world.

I puasa on Monday, and that explained why I was so tired at night. And Tuesday was a very long and tiring day. The first meeting started at 8.30 and the next one started at 9.00. In between, I have to go out of the meeting to attend another meeting. It goes the same in the afternoon. I was even more stressed out when I was informed that one of her case was rejected since it does not tally with the latest policy. I have to raised the paper again towards the end of the meeting, but it was rejected. Sedih and sakit kepala gue. They asked me to prepare another paper to amend the policy. Another task.

Haa, but yesterday was generally a better day. I reached home fresher and cooked dinner. The menu was, ikan masak gulai lemak kuning, ikan goreng cicah kicap/asam/cabai burung....hmmm...seronok tengok hubby makan. But thinking about it, nasib baik la I seldom masakkan, if not, both hubby and I will become bigger and bigger lah.

We even managed to watch a very good movie at HBO...the title was something like : Redemption of ....(lupa), starring Morgan Freeman. Watch this movie, it's a good one!

Today, I am fasting again, and if  I am able to complete it, there will be only one day left..ahakss...so happy.

Okay, time for my nap...bye

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

JAPAN, 15 MAY 2011

On this day, we visited the Imperial Palace...I love the place. 

the garden is surrounded by water tunnel and wall. No enemies can get in without passing through the water tunnel and wall. 
tengok peta, we just want to have some idea of where we are and where we are heading 
bodyguard saya bergambar 
we love the tree, so cantik 
see the bridge behind us? this is actually the most famous spot of all, selalu diletakkan dalam majalah and all

 one of the doors
 see how solid the door is despite of the fact that it has been there for more than one hundred years
 Iyal di depan kuda
 Enjoying the park. Semua pokok di sini renek-renek belaka, macam taman bonsai
 baliknya kami makan kebab. Tengok orange juice tu, habis je minum saya rasa macam ada tanda perut sakit, macam perlu ke sesuatu tempat jee...tahan

Depan hard rock di Roppongi, saya suka tempat ni, landscape dia berbukit dan town dia sangat comel. Disinilah tiba-tiba saya sakit perut yang amat sangat dan perlu pergi toilet, wbgpun, alhamdulillah, toilet di shopping mall dia super duper bersih...


balik malamnya, makan pizza, he he..