Friday, March 27, 2009

Langkawi Trip - 2

Langkawi trip part 2 : I just have this urge to update my blog today, here I am.

We checked out from our Hotel (LPP) at around 9.00 am. We went for breakfast and headed off to Gunung Mat Cincang.

We did stop at two shops selling Gamat products though. A short visit became a long one since Abang Hatta, Kakak and Opah befriended the shop owner and had a political chat...then they got discount, so I guess it was worth it.

The journey continued and during the journey Kakak was having this doubt on whether or not to take the cable write. I prayed she would and yes, my prayer was granted, alhamdulillah.

All of us went for the cable ride and it was a lot of fun!!

The weather was soooo hot. Once we came back we stopped at the cenderamata shop where opah bought almost 5 fridge magnet. While waiting, Shuk, Fatihah, Ifwat and me bought some ice cream and rojak buah. Then we decided to visiti the deers and after that we finally decided to go for lunch.

We found out that the aircond, the one at the back of the van we rent was not working and due to this, the two chilren who sat at the back of the van, Tiha & Ifwat were suffering...he he...I heard Ifwat was telling Fatiha that he would want to go straight to sleep once we reached the hotel, he must be damn tired.

We ate at the same place for lunch, Shuk ordered the same ais kacang. We have ordered the same ikan bakar. Fatiha must be really tired that she refused to eat (strange??). Even Ifwat could not finish his share (even stranger?)..he he . After that we went to search for TNB bungalow which is located at Pantai Tengah.

We love the TNB Bungalow. It is located near the sea and is spacious. Once we reached the place and settled down, the adults all decided to take a nap...

At around 4.30 pm I woke up and found that the house was in complete silence. I assume that everybody is asleep (shuk was sleeping at the balcony). About 5.00 o'clock kakak woke up and asked where's Fatiha...I thought she's sleeping with you...jeng jeng, apparently both Fatiha and Ifwat were missing.

I woke Shuk up and asked whether he has seen the children..but no, he was fast asleep himself.

We were a little panic but we are pretty sure they went to the beach and therefore all of us decided to go to the beach (except opah, she was still sleeping). Ifwat and Fatiha were at the beach...there were not so many people so we decided to join them and yes, we had a lot of fun.

We went back to the bungalow and around 7.00 and it was raining...I was so happy to be able to mandi laut and mandi hujan at the same time.

At night for dinner at around 9.00. Since Ifwat and Fatiha requested for chicken chop, we went around for a stall that sell chicken chop.

Apparently after dinner, everybody was tired and decided to retire early for the night except the two children. I have no idea what they were doing but when I woke up for my subuh prayer the next morning, both were sleeping on the sofas...

Everybody went for another round of mandi laut the next morning except for Shuk and I..we continue sleeping. We checked out at around 11 since we booked the 12.30 ferry.

Our plan to do some shopping at the jetty was limited to less than half an hour session since we only reached the jetty at around 11.45. I bought some chocolates for Mek Yah and Shuk bought some for her adik.

Everyone was quite during the ferry ride. I was feeling rather sad since the holiday is going to end....

Happy Birthday Shuk

Yesterday was Shuk's birthday...Shuk turned 45..don't worry, you look very young lah, with moustache and all,...

we did not really celebrate but I have cooked his favourite dish, siakap sweet sour and sup sayur...everything was finished up so I assume my cooking was superb..kih kih kih..

I'll buy your birthday present later ye..Happy Birtday and May Allah bless you always..luy ya

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Huwa Huwa Huwa..After our dinner and shopping session in Langkawi, Shukri has suprised me with a birthday gift..uwaaaa...Shuk bought perfume..according to him it is a lot cheaper in Langkawi..Thank you Shuk...nanti birtday Shuk pun saya beli yang belated gak ye...

Langkawi Trip -1

These pictures were taken at Kuala Kedah Jetty and during our ferry ride. The picture if Ifwat and snakes was taken at the aquarium

This is the first part of my report to Langkawi, I have to break it into parts since I could only write during my free time i.e. when boss is not around? he he no, during lunch time.

We decided to leave for Sungai Petani on Sunday evening after sending Ecah and the girls plus Ziyad to the Bus Station at Medan Gopeng. We met kakak & family at her house and headed to a stall and had dinner. We have only reached Abang's house at around 1 am and we were still tired (from Fizah's wedding and all), we decided to hit the bed almost immediately.

The next morning we started off at around 9a.m. and reached Kuala Kedah approximately one hour after that. We booked the 11.30 ferry and reached Langkawi at 1.30 p.m. We booked a van and went to search for LPPs Training Centre. We checked in, went to refresh ourselves, solat and went out again to get something for lunch..we were so hungry but we should be thankful that Kak Nah has prepared a heavy breakfast (nasi lemak)earlier.

We finally had lunch at 4.00 o'clock and it was among the best meal that I've ever had since I was sooo hungry. We only had some sayur and ikan bakar..but we ate heartily. After that we went to the Aquarium which is located opposite the food stall.

Well, the children (Tiha & Ifwat)really enjoyed themselves. Ifwat had even decided to take picture with the snakes (ulaq sawa, dua ekoq)..when the picture was taken, the adults have all scampered, running everywhere as long as we can get far from the reptilias. HUH..Congratulations Ifwat, you have overcome your fear which is not an easy thing to do.

Since it was already after seven when we finally finished touring the aquarium (almost 40 minutes was spent at the souveniers shop)we decided to go back to the hotel first, bath, rest and solat.

After Maghrib we headed to Kuah town for some shopping. We bought kain batik, t-shirt, chocolate and correlle (kakak beli satu, gue beli satu gak). The van is already full..he he...

After that we went around to find a place to eat. We had dinner and headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm back

Hullo guys..I have been away for more than a week but today I'm back. I was quite surprised (or maybe thankful is more appropriate) when I found out there are very few outstanding tasks for me, but then, I was still very busy and did not have a chance to update my blog. But still, I managed to visit Malena's, Maisarah's, Imaan's and Ainaa's seems that all has been updated while I was away, keep up the good work

As for me, today is the first day that I'm driving again to work after 3 years. It was not bad but different..I enjoyed it anyway.

I will try to write something about my trip to Kedah & Langkawi later, also on the outing I had together with Mek Yah and the children...I have to log off for now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holidays...

I shall be on leave from tomorrow till 20th March 2009. I shall only be back on 23 March 2009...I am soo happy.

Anas Fikri (Kak Cik's son) has actually responded to my blog and for that I would like to thank him, I really appreciate it. He has also left some comments on Imaan's blog. Anas said, since everybody have their own blog now, it is high time for him to have one himeself and I could not agree more..because Anas, only then we can call ourselves bloggers..hua hua hua

As for me, I do think that having this blog helps me to improve my English..I start to think in English. As much as I could I would try to write in full English because I realise that when we speak, we tend to use BM whenever we are running out of English words he he he,...and as for my BM, I will try to use a proper one..if not perfect.

I have read this one article in the Sun yesterday and I would like to share this statement : 'Language allows a person to formulate thoughts and generate ideas and then put them into action, either in speaking or writing. A person who does not know the language is therefore unable to think clearly because he or she does not have the tools (the words, grammar, sentence structure, etc) to originate thought. Naturally, not knowing the language sufficiently makes a person a poor communicator who will be unable to truly succeed in school, at work, or in personal life', Dear Anas and all my other nieces & nephews..have your own blog, start to formulate your thoughts and practice to put it across.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's the month of March...

Hello March...soo many things happened in March...

1 March..the day Yong passed away (al-fatihah)

7 March besday was it celebrated?..Shuk wished me Happy Birthday the moment I opened my eyes, thank you Shuk..itu je ke..tak de hadiah?..he he he..better late than never babe, still waiting...

The first SMS I received was from Mak Cik sweet of her..she got to know my birthday from my facebook lah..I got to find her birthday la plak lepas ni.

We planned to have high tea at Concorde Hotel. Shuk has made reservation but better thing happened, he he, Kak Cik & Abang Radhi came to visit us...well, they came, solat zuhur, have some drink and cake and chow...abang radhi was driving an Audi car..if only Kak Cik could drive..

So, since it was too late to go to Concorde Shuk suggested that we go to Serai in Section 4. Unfortunately even Serai was closed for lunch and will only open again at 6.00..sooo...what else..we went to Viccuda laa...we ordered Siakap 3 rasa and sup sayur..since we were hungry and it was almost four o'clock, we finished up la la..kenyang betul, sampai tak larat pergi TESCO after that.

8 March - Mati-mati I ingat hari ni Birthday Faiz...rupa2 nya esok..anyway, I wished him happy birthday (in advance) and he wished me happy belated birthday..I let him know that I hope he would be able to join us on our trip to Langkawi...he said he'll think about it.

9 March - it was a holiday (maulidurrasul). I went to PKNS and bought a new pair of baju.

10 March - it was a busy day, and I felt so tired during the night and felt asleep before 10

11 March - my 3rd annivessary...sudah tiga tahun kawin looo..

14 March - Fizah's wedding

15 March - Kak Cik's & Ecah's birthday....

26 March - Shuk's birthday...

did I forget anything else..if I did, let me know

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To Me

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Balik Ipoh Lagi....

Hari minggu yang lepas Shuk & I balik kampung's Chemor actually, but since I would like to share this picture with all of you, I think Ipoh would be more appropriate...tengok nih..waaa...mercu tanda baru di Highway, ala-ala Hollywood lagi..

Hmmm...before we reached Chemor we decided to stopped at Restoran Ramli and eat first so that mak do not have to cook anything..I had nasi ayam, Shukri had mee rebus and we ordered mihun sup for mak...since we plan to visit kakak in the evening, that would mean I do not have to cook...what a blessing....kih kih kih..

When we reached Chemor Izzat was there...and that would mean tumis petai mesti ada...hish..makan lagi, menyesal giler sebab makan nasi ayam earlier

Anyway, Shukri was having a headache and went straight to sleep, so, when mak and Izzat were having lunch I just could not resist...I ate and ate and ate...isk isk isk..itulah masaalah...

It was quite a hot day and I decided to get some sleep at around 4.00 pm. Shukri woke me up at around 5.00 and asked whether there's anything to eat...actually he smelled it already...there's tumis petai..

After Shukri had his very late lunch, we decided to visit Atikah at her new house. Believe it or not Mak decided not to join us because 'Assalamualaikum Cinta' is on...bagut punye priority..kih kih kih..before we left for Atikah's house, the wind blew very hard and a tree near Asiah's house fall..luckily not on her house..but on the electric line..there's no electricity for the night for them then..

I would also like to highlight on the condition of Asiah's house. They have been living without electricity for around two months..imagine...maybe we could kongsi and help them out...I think we should

hmmm...Atikah's house...well, I must say that their house in Bercham is much better, but I guess they just have to stay in Tg Rambutan till they become a little bit more mature...sabar ye girls..

Oh..they served us blackcurrant tea...sedap tapi a little bit too sweet for me..and all three has put on a little weight..indication of their happines to be together..also an indicator that they are consuming more out girls, though people cannot see you eat, people could see that you are growing..

After Maghrib we went to visit kakak...she is doing her preparation for Fizah's should be a joyous event, something which all of us were waiting event where the whole family will be together...isi bunga telur...makan, gossip, it should be that could we think otherwise...

Anyway...we had discussion on our trip to Langkawi and decided to go to eat the same chicken chop...but only to find that the chicken chop sudah abit looooo....guano mu...oghe date daghi jauh mu bole kato abih...isk....terpakse la makan bende lain

we went back and slept like a sejuk..woke up the next morning, had breakfast and started off early to visit Shuk's sister in Ipoh.

Shuk's sister (Kak Maton) and her hubby (Abang Asmad)are selling roti canai in Ipoh(Kg Temiang)....Abang Asmad is actually a policeman but he will help out Kak Maton during improve family economy laaa...I respect the way they handle their difficult situation..they never complain and infact they are happy people...they strive together, that is the most important thing right?....I hope their life will be better in future.