Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fraser Hill

Bulan lepas, kita orang pergi jalan-jalan ke Kuala Kubu dan terus tersesat ke Fraser Hill...percaya? he he, anyway, kami telah tersesat sejauh 40 km hingga sampai di Fraser Hill, bila sampai , I was so excited tapi Shuk sudah suspen, minyak dah nak habis, takut nak naik lagi..di situ tiada petrol station, we have to go back to KKB....isk...frust gue. Anyway, we did snap some pictures before we went back

Shuk termenung, I love the cool environment. I wish we did bring some food and can stop somewhere, have a picnic..minyak kereta pulak habis...tak de rezeki

cantik kan bunga-bunga dia, nak suruh shuk amik gambar, dia pergi jalan jauh-jauh pulak, leceh betul

Round about ni memang tempat untuk bergambar, walaubagaimanapun, sekiranya anda che' mon, and tidak akan bertukar jadi che' kur bila bergambar di sini, percayalah

Balai Polis Bukit Fraser, antik

Kuala Sepetang Lagi Sekali

Baru -baru ini, kita orang pergi Kuala Sepetang sekali lagi untuk pekena mee udang...semua orang order mee udang biasa, kecuali Encik Shuk yang order mee udang special. Sebenarnya, dua-dua lebih kurang sama aja, kecuali udang mee special besar sikit. Selain daripada itu, kita orang order udang goreng tepung...lepas makan, semua orang mabuk udang, tapi, yang paling penting, rasanya opah happy and puas hati...mission accomplished!..

Kami pergi kedai Mak Jah, Izzat kata, dia pernah makan di kedai yang lain sebelum ni, tapi kedai yang ni okay sikit rasanya, jika dibandingkan dengan tempat yang dia makan dulu..harga pulak, 3 mee udang biasa, 1 special, 1 udang goreng tepung, 2 laici, 1 orang juice dan 1 air masak = RM50.00....okay kan?..apa-apapun, sila layan gambar ni....

senyum opah, senyum

Shuk & Izzat, letih makan...

udang goreng tepung, yang ni memang sedap, yummy


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Apparently hubby was not happy with my latest post. We did go to Malacca on Thursday after all (sorry we did not asked you to come along kakak, it was a last minute decision) despite of the fact that hubby was having a very bad headache and he insisted that there must be a post on the visit . M U S T!!

We started off from Shah Alam at around 9.00. Stopped at Seremban to have breakfast and reached Malacca at around 11.00. Actually this trip is to compensate the activities we missed during our last trip with Kakak earlier.

The first thing we did was to take a boat ride along Malacca river, was ok, but according to friends, the scenery is much better at night, well, next time maybe we could take the night ride .

We walked to A-famosa after that, took some photos and climb the hill to St. Paul Church. I have always enjoyed the hill climbing and the panoramic view from the hill...we were really sweating only I had put on my jogging shoes instead.

We walked to the Ship Museum after that. Thank god that the museum was fully air-conditioned since both of us were sweating when we reached the place. Once finished, we stopped by the Taming Sari tower to have some drinks and buy a very interesting fridge magnet...I have the photo below...On our way back to our car, we passed through a very shady garden, with many big trees. We sat there for a while (almost 30 minutes) when both decided that we better find something to eat and do some shopping.

We were lucky since our car was parked next to this arcade. We shopped for some belacan and had lunch, yes, Malaccan assam pedas, yummy....

We decided to go straight home after that..but stopped at Nilai 3 la plakk...and my husband bought another carpet there...OMG.....tak tau nak cakap...but we plan to go to Nilai 3 again in future, whenever we do not know where to go...

Shuk was so excited to go aboard despite of his bad headache

Shuk tengah layannn ( I don't know what's in his mind)


Shuk letih, but I guess the exercise has done some good to his headache, improves blood circulation maa

Picture of St Paul's wall, if you do not understand this photo, do not bother, I do not understand either

Ini saya dekat muzium kapal, nampak selipar oren saya tuh?

Check out the kebaya fridge magnet, I love it
finally, the carpet we bought at Nilai 3. Please concentrate only on the carpet, not at the pillows and unfolded blankets...pleaseeee.

I hope you are happy Shuk! Everyone, we did go to Malacca after all...he he