Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What has got into me?

It's lunch hour now, the meetings (2 meetings) ended at 1.00pm. I have another meeting at 3.00 at M...

Something happened at the first meeting that made me confused.

Hmmm, I admit, I am very quite at meetings. I do not dare to open my mouth unless it is really necessary.

Reason? : penakut la apa lagi. Lack of self confidence and always unsure of what you know and what you don't know. Lack of experience too, since I joined the Division only 1 year plus. I am also afraid that my facts are not correct and may mislead everyone.

But this morning, I do not know what has got into me, I simply talk lah. Maybe because it is hormones kut, I am expecting my period anytime now. Or is it KKS? ha ha ha...saja aja nak tulis yang nih.

In fact, there's one question that I could not answer : what is Galvannealed steel, OMG, I don't know that one because I haven't seen the process with my two eyes, but I simply hantam...I am not sure how it effected me lah, whether the chairman was convinced or he has finally concluded that this girl just wanna talk and she can simply talk rubbish...hiks.

But I must say that my explanation was 80% true...because I know the process halfway only, so, it wasn't that sesat lah.

Adoiii...learn from your mistakes lah ye cikbib, so next time, do not talk too much and please learn more on Gavanealed Steel ye, on the process, characteristics and usage.

Have a nice day everyone!

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