Friday, March 2, 2012

5 days at the new building

Saya baru tengok stats tadi and 49 persons have visited my blog today! Yay!

Ada jugak orang yang baca blog merapu saya ni. Semuanya silent reader pulak tu...he he, tak pe.

Saya pun tak tahu lah kenapa, tapi macam happy aja kalau ramai orang baca blog nih. Tapi that's not the only reason why I write, this is my journal, I would like to document what ever happened in my daily life.

For those who have been reading my blog, thank you very much! Please do continue to read, I really appreciate it.

Esok cuti, bestnyaaaaa. My week went on busy as usual. But I happened to be free for lunch this whole week, unfortunately, except for today, I found myself feeling so lonely without friends to go lunch with...ha ha ha , pathetic betul.

No doubt sometimes I prefer to have lunch alone so that I could plan the one hour according to how I want it to be. There are three important things that I would love to do during the short period. The first one is of course to have lunch, the second one is to update my blog and the third one is to take a short nap.

Haaaa, ambitious ha? Mana sempat. That's why I prefer to have lunch alone sometimes so that everything is done very fast, without having to wait for other people. So that I could manage my time wisely. But than, I will loose my friends...tak ke sedih

But being normal, of course I would like to socialize. Ye laaa, rindu nak bersembang. Dah la bilik sekarang ni kaca, macam mana nak tidur...isk.

Anyway, the week has passed, and next week I am sure I would be very busy and will not have that much time to enjoy my lunch hour again...and, today I simply slept in my glass room, ha ha ha...pedulik apa aku...tidur tengah hari tetap tidur...

In other words, I am adapting, I am getting used to the glass room, to the complicated new telephone, the narrow turns at the parking place, the not so proper toilet...and everything goes on.

Oh yeah, I had lunch with cik min today...since I did snap a few pictures, I would like to share it here...

yang ni min punye, menu apa ni ye, fish and chips kut, tapi chips tu bukan kentang, macam goreng ubi macam tu, tapi sedap. 

mine, pasta..olio apa ntah...boleh la, tapi secret recipe/Zen punya lagi sedap kut

mintot tengah kusyuk makan

okay lah, enjoy your weekend ye..insya allah esok saya balik kg kut..

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