Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Semalam, saya tidak buat apa-apa pun di office sebab banyak meeting. Today, ingatkan boleh settlekan kerja atas meja, tapi rupa rupanya, kena juga attend meeting.

Anyway, I would like to recap that I have to :

1) settle on the new applications which is piling on my table

2) clear the papers submitted by my officers

3) to complete the assignments given.

Tomorrow, I have to attend the course Skills for Success for the whole day. The trainer has sent email to remind me on the assignments, dia kata :

Please be ready to deliver your reports on:

·         the application of the Enhance Relationships Principles that you committed to using with a specific person from your workplace

·         one busy day in your life

·         how to do something 

I encourage all of you to focus on the following success drivers as you prepare for every session:

·         Build greater self-confidence

·         Strengthen people skills

·         Enhance communication skills

·         Develop leadership skills

·         Reduce stress and improve our attitude

Macam budak budak kan?..isk...Ya allah, rajin kan lah aku buat assignment ni

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