Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nak cerita hantulah

Yippie, it is now almost 10.00 am, Saturday, and just had breakfast on the floor, he he, since our dining table has not arrived yet. We plan to go back to my home town after this.

I have not done the laundry yet, have not tidied up the house yet...he he he, buat esoklah, after I come back from Chemor. Hari ini adalah hari untuk bermalas malas.

Malam tadi, saya mimpi fasal office. Heee, sebab banyak sangat masalah kan, sampai terbawa bawa dalam mimpi.

Once, when I attended this BTN course at Meru Kelang, I had the scariest dream ever, serious. In fact, during my stay there, every night, I will be wakened by my dreams. Most of the dreams were very vague though that I could not remember it clearly, but somehow, it interrupted my sleep.

I was having my period, so I could not perform my prayer, so, I was a little weak lah.

Anyway, the scariest dream was on my second last day there. In that dream, I saw a group of people doing some gathering, like a parade. Haaa, at first I was looking at it from far, but somehow I managed to zoom in and saw one of the person/creature clearer.

OMG, I woke up immediately after I was able to see the creature. The 'air muka' of this creature was scary...urgh, rasa macam muka syaitan kut (macam pernah tengok syaitan)..ha ha. Hmm, what else that I remember... yeah, the ears were long and like pointed. Heyyy, maybe this is not scary to any of you out there but I have never experienced this hantu hantu okay, so, this was scary enough that I can remember it till now.

Only the next day I found out that other members of the room could not sleeping the whole week. They experienced a whole lot of scary things to the extend of relocated the bed next to the door to avoid it from being open by someone every night. And all of them were wondering how could I sleep so soundly..ha ha, I wonder, but I used to joke that maybe the hantus were scared of me lah...

We found out later that we were not the only group who experienced those scary thing. Ramai dah group lain yang experienced the same thing there, in the same room.

I also found out later that the characteristics of the creature I have seen in my room was similar to the characteristics of a jin...yeah, the long and pointed ear...betullah kut kan, since jin memang wujud, only that we are not supposed to be afraid of them, Yeah, have faith, God is greater and no other can be greater than him.

Heee, teringin nak cerita hantu pulakkk. Tapi saya telah diajar bahawa hantu/jin/syaitan itu, hanyalah makluk tuhan. Mereka mungkin boleh menakutkan sedikit, but they cannot hurt you. Kalau takut, baca doa, kalau lupa/panic, baca aja allahuakbar, yup, God is Great...

Sooo...itu lah cerita seram saya yang tidaklah terlampau seram, ha ha, have a nice weekend.

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