Saturday, March 24, 2012

another boring weekend?

I am determine to make it a productive one though.

Once, I had a fight with hubby consulted my older brother about it. The only advice given by him is that, take care of your own self, and do not rely on others, even your hubby, and you have been doing it for the rest of your life before.

Yup, if I want to be happy, I am the one who must work for it. Therefore, I am determine to put my 'membara' energy into a positive one, before I explode. Yup, sedang cuba mengimplement teknik teknik yan telah dipelajari di dalam kursus kursus sebelum ini...hikss....macam tidak akan menjadi aja rasanya.

Anyway, pagi tadi sudah pergi pasar, sekarang mahu menguruskan barang barang yang dibeli tuh...yeah, since I do not see any possibility that I'll be going out from this house after it.

On the more positive side...abang saya nak datang esok, macam teringin nak aja depa breakfast...berani tak nak masak cikbib?....I hentam aja lah...mesti boleh kan?

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