Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cik Bib kje ap sbenanye ? -,-

Haaa, my niece Maryam posted this question yesterday.

I must be guilty to focus too much about my work in this blog. For those who do not understand so much, I am sorry.

Actually I have prepared an answer just now but I dislike my explanation and deleted it. For Maryam, you can browse my organisation website at

Actually, Maryam question has made me think whether I have exaggerated in writing...hmmm.

Let me think...Yesterday's post was done right after all the events and time taken to complete the post was approximately 10 minutes, therefore I did not really think on how to write it, I just simply write...I did not have the time to think on how to make it sound BIG, and I was sincere...hmmm, so, I do not think I exaggerated (I hope the spelling is correct).

But yeah, when I read back my post, I did sound like I am such a busy person kan? My work seems so stressful kan? I guess it is true. Work time is very busy and sometimes it is stressful. Tapi bila cuti, bila balik rumah, all those problems are left at the office. Yes, I do bring home files, but I never forced myself to finish it up.

Anddd, one way to get away is by writing this blog. I sort of like to write and that said, forget it and continue with life. Another way to get away is by having your co-curricular activity. Always have something to look forward to like going for a holiday...

Oh, insya allah, there will be a gathering at Cik Yah's house this Saturday (this is cikbib's side of family pulak ye). Insya allah, Opah will be around, so, to my nephews and nieces, you are invited.


  1. Hehe, tp blh nmpk that this blog is your escape place after all those mounting work :) so if it makes cikbib feels better, why not. Why feel guilty, it's your blog xD

    oh btw, skrg kat ganu, have fun during the gathering :)

  2. I think you should join the media division, my friend. We desperately need a writer:(

  3. ehhh zalie, I baru baca comment ni..masuk media, mana boleh, you kan ada..ha ha