Sunday, February 12, 2012

W h i t n e y H o u s t o n Passed AwaY?

Maybe many of you all out there do not even know why should I care if this person passed away. The fact is, this person, was very popular during my younger days.

I am not really a fan of Whitney though, unlike Michael Jackson, ha ha ha..but many of her songs remind me of certain time/places/situations during my younger days

One very popular song sang by her was ..I am not sure of the title, but I think it is "I will always love you". I remember when I lived in BBS, there's one Chinese guy who will sing this song everyday...punya lah. And this fella loved to vibrate his voice tau, punya lah tak larat nak dengar.

Due to her popularity, she was given the lead role in the film "Bodyguard", with Kevin Costner and he was also very very popular at that time.

Hmmm, Whitney passed away at the age of 48..and the caused and location is still unknown. I am sure she will be missed her family and her fans... Well, Rest In Peace Whitney

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