Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's 5.40 and alhamdulillah, semua cabaran sudah di lalui.

Morning : Technical meeting went on smoothly despite of the fact that it could become very ugly sometimes...

Morning, after meeting : Somehow our counterpart in Putrajaya accepted our request without much questions..very smooth process again, alhamdulillah

Afternoon : Meeting

There were two challenges here :

i) presentation on outstanding applications which was saved by a dear friend, ha ha, thank you Na for organizing another meeting at 5.00 pm which limited the time for Dato' Chair to do further investigation

ii) a paper which was only ready yesterday and was directed to be tabled today..alhamdulillah, it went through without much hassle.

huh, what else should I asked? Now, I am trying to cool down a little and will try to clear a few papers before going home at around 6.30 maybe. The unfinished one will again be brought home.

To all KLians and also Putrajayans, Selamat Hari Wilayah! Selamat Bercuti!

Untuk orang Shah Alam...selamat bekerja...ha ha ha

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