Monday, February 27, 2012

New Office

The first day in new office, new room.

I was determined to go earlier to office today since I am not sure on the place yet and also the period of time taken walking from the parking place to my room. The new parking place is quite challenging with narrow turns, yucks. Anyway, I am thankful that I am driving my PESONA which is not so big. I can see scratches on the walls though, indicating that it was hit by quite a number of vehicles. I think it will be even cooler if I were to drive SX4 kan, tak besar sangat, pendek sikit, just nice...hiks...

Finding the parking place was not a problem, yeah, level 6, lot 14. After I parked my car, I took a lift which is not far from my parking lot. I reached office pretty early, but somehow I have left my punch card at home, damn!..sobarrrrrr

Once I reached my room, 5 of my boxes are there, and the other one is still missing. Insya allah, nanti jumpalah tu. aaamiiin.

Decided to go and buy breakfast first, than I started unpacking. Before lunch, semuanya sudah ready, alhamdulillah.

How do I feel? Somehow I feel not settled. Rasa macam di tempat orang....mungkin sebab emosi tak stabil kut, sebab tak boleh solat kan. Nanti okay lah tu.

I have taken photos, but my PC does not have bluetooth service, maybe I will upload it tonite. Ok, till next time, cheerio!


  1. selamat berpindah ke building baru, bilik office baru, mudah mudahan dengan semangat baru..

  2. terima kasih, doakan kotak yang hilang tu jumpa ye