Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 78 Birthday Opah

It's Sunday morning, 8.15 am. The washing machine is running, I have already tidy up the top floor of my house and now is updating my blog with hope that hubby will wake up soon and buy us breakfast.

We slept at our living room last night and I woke up at 4.30. After that, I faced some problem to continue with my sleep and decided to wake up and tidy up the rooms upstairs...okay lah tu kan.

Most probably we will have a girls day out today with my mother...

But yesterday, yeah, we had a party lah, belated birthday party for our dear mother/opah.

It was held at my sister's house at Shah Alam (very near to my house actually). It started off with some short tahlil/doa, but both of us missed this agenda since we arrived late. Sampai aja kat rumah tu, makan makan dah start.

Okay lah, let the pictures tell the story ye :

main menu is nasi arab with kambing/chicken

these are my contributions, water melon and a box of chocolate

the cake, I bought it again, yang ni, hazel nut cheese ...lebih kurang macam tu lah namanya

birthday girl. This is the 2nd time we celebrate opah's birthday. The first one was carried out in Chemor when Yong was still around

with grandchildren, many could not attend unfortunately


orang lelaki punya group, depa kata, kambin tu sedap...orang Jepun, if you are looking at this, don't worry, nanti bila balik mai sini masa cuti, cikbib belanja ye, tempat ni, kalau nak pergi dari rumah cikbib, jalan kaki pun boleh

the pengantin baru

budak tiga orang ni, makan kat luar

budak pompuan, gang ni lah yang akan keluar hari ni

kak cik and mak

makan, sembang dan tengok bola

gang atas sofa putih

sepatutnya gambar ni di tangkap waktu kakcik ada, tapi terlupa, tak pelah, ambik mana yang ada sajalah.

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