Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nak Tulis Apa?

Saya ada sepuluh minit sebelum hubby balik rumah dan ambil saya untuk dihantar ke Kompleks PKNS, nak potong rambut...dah lama nak buat sebenarnya, tapi kalau tak de pushing factor, selalu tangguh, hari ni, hubby sudah paksa..

Oh ye, it's Saturday today, and I did not tell how my Friday was. It was okay though, yeah, I started off early, fortunately it was not a problem because I was woke up by a bad dream, ha ha, with Dato' A in it. I told hubby about the dream and he had a good laugh.

My morning was gone with two meetings back to back and in the afternoon, there's a short discussion with this company and the rest was spent doing many things that I could not recall, and everything ended at 6.30..kena la balik, hubby tak kerja kan.

Sampai rumah, hubby looked better though. Lepas tu, mandi and solat Maghrib. I found out that hubby has cleaned the bathroom, alhamdulillah, that is an indication that he is feeling much better. After that I went to Qaseh for dinner.

I skipped lunch today..tapi macam tak perasan. Only after I came back for dinner that I realised I was feeling damn tired, could not open my eyes...tidur depan tv sampai pukul 12, lepas tu bangun solat and hit the bed..

Today, cuti...bestnya. Tak bawa files balik pun sebab was abled to clear everything before I went back. Seronok...Hubby is back...gotta stop..bubai.

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