Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Rent Out : Baiduri

Our old tenants have moved out and I just would not dare to visit the house right after they moved. Scary! In fact, hubby asked me to stay in the car instead when we went to get the keys from the tenant. He understood me too well and knew that I may not be able to handle it if I were to see the condition of the house.

Once back in the car, hubby's remark was : Teruk!! Macam bukan orang perempuan yang tinggal. Lantai penuh dakwat, sawang merata, fridge macam tak pernah basuh!

That is the challenge in renting out your house, you could not ensure that your tenants would take care of the house like you did! I remember during my days in Baiduri, it was such a nice house. Although it was rather small, it was very comfortable. I love  the small kitchen and I was really disciplined then, I made sure that the kitchen was cleaned at least once a month (thorough one, beside the usual weekly cleaning). Everything about the house was a okay except that it was slightly in a smaller size.

We left the house in a very good condition, and of course we have to rent it out even though we were very worried that our tenant may not be able to take care of the house. Actually, the only thing we ask is actually to love the house like we used too, and I am sure if you love something, you will take a good care of it.

But with this experience, we just have to have some rule which our tenant will just have to follow. One of them is maybe to limit the number of people to 6-7 only.

During my bachelor days, I used to rent houses too. I used to live in 3 different houses in Sek 17 Pj, and one apartment in Bangsar. I loved all houses except the first one, yeah, we have some problems with the owner. As for the other 3, I tried my best to make sure that the houses were neat and clean. I guess it is normal right? You should love and take care of the place where you live.

In fact, when I decided to moved out from my apartment in Bangsar, the owner has pleaded me to stay, hikss, ye lah, I was a good tenant. Hmm, what you give you get back? Tapi kalau tak dapat pun, mesti lah yakin dengan kerja Allah kan.

But I pray that I would get good tenants after this. I am willing to compromise on a lot of things actually, in fact, I do think that I am obliged to help these kids to have a good place to stay, like how I want others to treat my nieces/nephews accordingly when they rent houses. This is a challenge, insya allah, everything will be better after this, aamiinn.

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