Friday, January 13, 2012

Shocking News

I have not been updated this blog for two days. For those who have been visiting with hope that there will be new post, I am sorry, I have been a little busy and tired.

I have been feeling a little unhealthy starting on Wednesday. It started with this sleepy feeling while driving to work. Apparently the traffic was worse than usual and I was informed that there's an accident slightly before the 222 Road Junction, in front Avon Building (those who uses the Federal Highway will surely know this location).

I reached office a little late and did not manage to get any breakfast. There was a talk at 9.00 and I slept halfway through...I really slept.

At around 11.00 am, hubby sent me a message to inform that his brother was attacked with mild stroke and he was already at the hospital but my brother in law's condition was stable, alhmadulillah.

With my not so healthy condition I planned to go back early, on the the dot, 5.30 pm. Tapi, boss dengan Sham datang lepak dalam bilik la pulak..haaa, bila bersembang, tak ingat dunia sikit, balik lambat la sikit, and sampai rumah at around 7.00pm and once hubby arrived, he decided that he is going to visit his brother again that night.

Of course I would also like to visit my brother in, tak pe, I will sleep in the car then...ha ha...yeah, I slept all the way from Shah Alam to Bangi.

My BIL's condition was much better and we are so relieved. Though slowly, he can walk now but insya allah he will improve.

The news was actually very shocking. We found out that he has been working without a break for more than 2 months. Maybe the body needs some break and bang! yeah, they are sending message already.

Shuk and I decided that we better start our weekend walk again this year. And yeah, a break is really necessary..pergi jalan-jalan ke mana-mana, balik kg...all of that will contribute to a healthier life.

And for all I know, I really feel that I want to sleep now..and yeah, have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. nanti kita gi jogging macam biasa yer,, dah lama dah tak jog kat tasik,,,