Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bitter sweet Day

It is now 11.00pm, hubby is sleeping with the tv on, yup, tv2 is featuring Bollywood film but I am not sure of the title.

How was my day? Work was okay. Tomorrow will be another marathon for me with meetings back to back. Insya allah, semuanya akan dipermudahkan dan berjalan lancar.

Since I skipped breakfast and was feeling so hungry by lunch time, I called cikM and asked whether she is going to take lunch. She asked me to join her to attend a ceramah instead..ha ha, tapi saya memang lapar, terus aja pergi beli makanan terus. Saya sangat teringin makan bihun goreng, so, pergi Sooka untuk beli bihun goreng.

Punya lah bersemangat nak makan bihun, tengok tengok tak berapa umph...isk, memang la tukang masaknya budak lelaki. I selalu perasan yang sekiranya tukang masak adalah lelaki muda, dan maybe due to lack of experience, and desperate to make sure that the food is tasty, they tend to add ingredients like soya sauce/tomato sauce/chilli sauce/oyster sauce which I simply dislike...erghhh..I prefer something natural and original...yes, there were some desperate times where I added these ingredients in my food, but it shouldn't be the one which determine the taste...

I called my sister today and chatted..hmmm, biasalah, adalah sikit sikit masalah keluarga yang menjejaskan sedikit ketenangan. Tapi risau-risau pun tak guna kan, semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan dan petunjuk untuk kami adik beradik mengatasi masalah yang ada.

I have been trying to reach my niece answer?...hmmm...

What else, once I reached home from office this evening, I found hubby sleeping soundly at the living room. Since I was tired myself, I simply lied down next to him and within seconds I fall asleep, waktu waktu maghrib tuh...betul la. Saya memang tak solat pun, tapi memang tak sedar bila hubby bangun untuk solat Maghrib...teruk betul la.

Once I woke up, hubby asked the usual question, yeah, WFD? He didn't want to go out so we had bread with eggs, butter and jam for dinner plus teh tarik..light one which I like.

I have already ironed the bajus for tomorrow, which I can consider as an achievement since I am so lazy to do ironing. Let's retire for the nite and let's pray for a better tomorrow! Good Nite and Sweet Dreams every one.

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