Saturday, January 7, 2012

Please give us FAIR treatment

I could not help myself. I wish I could do something to change this attitude, but since I cannot, I would like to write about it in my blog.

I have just browse through on places to stay at Kapas Island. There are several and I was looking into it one by one, in case I am going.

I have gone through some of the comments given to this one place that remind me of what has happened during my visit to Hong Kong and Guangzhou recently.

The focus is on how Malaysian prefer to give better treatment to outside tourists compare to local tourists. Huh, I simply DESPISE this attitude!

Once when we were in Hong Kong, we were offered this picture package. The package includes an indoor and outdoor photo sessions. Once we were done with the indoor session, we were asked to go out for the outdoor session. There was this one family doing their outdoor session, therefore we sat and waited, our turn will be next.

While waiting, another couple came, and yeah, their turn is supposed to be after us. But no, the photographer has given the next turn to the couple, even though the couple themselves has informed the photographer that it should be our turn instead. According to SR who understands what they were saying, the photographer said, never mind, let them wait.

And we were like " what the heck man!!" We do not asked for special treatment, all we asked is for fair treatment. SR was brave enough to raise the issue after that and the photographer was sort of like ignoring it, or maybe he was afraid that we might make noise.

Almost similar thing happened when we were at Guangzhou, at the Hotel. There we were queuing at the counter when they kept on asking us to go to the other counter. And this time again, my two girls snaped and asked, why are you treating us like this? bla bla bla...heee, the counter people was worried though, since the hotel belongs to French people, if we lodge our report, they may be in trouble.

Unfortunately, a different scenario happened when we were in KLIA. Yeah, my girls were queuing to pay for the goods they bought, when suddenly, when one mat saleh came, and the cashier simply entertained the mat saleh first. Huh..and again "WHAT THE HECK!!!?" Why do have to treat outside people better than locals? Just give everyone FAIR treatment la, that is all.

Malaysian should start giving good treatment to EVERYONE! Not only outside tourists! In fact you should give better treatment to your rakan senegara kan...isk...geram!!

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