Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saya, hubby dan orang minyak

Haaaa, best tak title tuh? Saja nak bersembang dengannnnnn...dinding? sebab hubby sekali lagi tak de, kena kerja di hari Sabtu.

Sudah empat minggu hubby kena kerja during weekends and I realised that if he is not around, I will spend the whole time sitting in front of my laptop...baca blog.

Sebenarnya kami perlu buat banyak benda, tapi semuanya kena postponed. Sobbbbs. When around, hubby will prefer to stay home and sleep, ye lah, penat kan...tapi this weekend, saya rasa saya pun nak sleep lah...

Recently, after more than two years staying at Jalan Ferum, hubby and I decided that it is high time to wash all the curtains...ha ha ha...wajib. All are very dusty. Once the curtains were detached and ready for washing, I took the opportunity to clean the windows. Yup, the grills and window panes.

While doing this, I found out that there's smoke cigarette ashes between the grill and window pane. I simply dislike this because it is not easy to clean especially with my big hand to go in between the grill and window pane. Huh..and being less diplomatic person I simply go and pot pet pot pet la, but hubby simply answered, " bukan saya la cikbib, orang minyak kut". And I was like...&^%$@!@$

That's one. There's also another occasion where somebody has presented me with ferrero rocher chocolate. They have given us the box that contains 24 chocolates. I remembered clearly that on the day I brought the chocolates back, hubby has eaten one and I ate two. But on the next day, I found out that instead of 3, now there's 9 chocolates missing from the box, meaning somebody must have eaten 6 pieces.

And, even though it's only hubby and I living in the house, the usual question popped up, "Sape makan sampai 6 ketul ni?" And hubby has answered "Saya tak makan, orang minyak kut".

And I went @#$%^&*! again...ha ha ha...

But don't worry, there's no orang minyak in my house. It is simply our 'alasan' to get away or to loosen up the tense situation, ha ha...

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