Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watch what you write

Meeting Marathon has contributed to a headache! Dislike!

But I have taken paracetamol and I am feeling a lot better now.

Recently I have received this message in my facebook. " so bagi tu kira kome pakai ker?????"

I don't know whether I am old or what, but somehow I feel the 5 question mark were unnecessary. He he, punya la fussy, but I feel that the question mark was purposely placed in such a way to convey the way that the writer is feeling. And as for me, since I know the writer so well, I could imagine how the writer will say this sentence out if he is around.

I remember once, I have commented on one of my officer's email. I told her " when I read your email, I feel as if I could here you shout"...

Teruk tak saya? 

Ha ha, but what you write and how you write is really important. As an example :

1) do not write in all capital letters because it usually conveys that you are either shouting/being angry or loud and it is certainly not diplomatic. (azwan ali selalu guna capital letters dalam blog dia dahulu, and really, when I read, I can feel him whining/shouting)

2) avoid to use font size more than 12, because the message that you are conveying is almost similar as when you use all capital letters.

3) of course choose the right word/sentence. Nowadays, I keep on receiving emails from this company. The sender is a Malay lady and somehow she loves to write in English. The only thing is that, if she is not careful, she may be sending a different message to those who read her message. Without realising, sometimes she can be so rude and in return, my officers will write back and ask them to "mind their language".

4) But I do think that what you write will show how you feel/react, therefore, when you write, make sure that you set the mood...if you are relax, your words/sentence will send the message...

Huh, macam pandai aja kan? I am writing the above based from my experience, but I wonder, what do you feel when you read my blog? Can you feel me shouting? hmmm