Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday blues

It is already 12.30 am now, the last day of the month of January 2012.  I have just finished clearing up some of my officer's files which I brought home. What a relief!

It has been a hectic day. I started off early since I have an appointment to see CEO at 8.00. After that, I am not sure what had happened, I started to prepare the materials requested by CEO, tried to catch him and we were lucky enough to bump into him in the lift...after delivering the materials, it was already 10.50 am.

Hmmm, mengah gue. There were another two meetings waiting so after taking my breath, I attended one meeting and followed by the other one. By twelve, I went back to my room and started clearing up files again...tak larat nak makan, lepak dalam bilik, tengok blog, makan biskut and took a short nap...

Tengah hari, I have another kejar mengejar to do..clearing up papers with the management, go here, go there...ended up nowhere..huaaaa, files masih banyak atas table...

Decided to stay back till 6.30, and brought back a pile of files home...kut la ada lagi tenaga nak buat kan..hmmm...

Sampai rumah, solat and keluar pergi dinner. Balik dari dinner, mata tak leh nak buka dah..so, terlena lah depan tv. I woke up at around 11, took my bath, finished up the work I brought home and finally I have this time to visit some blogs and update mine.

Tomorrow, I foresee another very challenging day. Semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan saya, suami saya dan semua officer saya , insya allah. Semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan anda semua juga. Have a productive day everyone!

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