Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Again

It's Friday, the happiest day of the week because the next day is sure gonna be a holiday, alhamdulillah.
I have thougt of writing about something just now, but it has just simply fade away from my memory.
Then I have to think again of what to write..huh..
Ohh, I have just find another blog which I simply loveeee to follow and can't stop reading. This would mean that I will spend hours to go down the memory lane, yup, I will start reading the blog for hours, simply to understand the storyline.
I have just read about her eldest sister passed away last year which make feel even more connected since my eldest sister has also passed away a few years back. And of course I cried when I read her story...(ratu ayaq mata saya ni)
The last blog that has the same effect on me was Peej's Mom's blog and I have been following the blog eversince.
But I have a lot of work to do, and tomorrow hubby and I will be going back to Kg Pauh in Kuale, yup, there's a wedding that we have to attend...I love to attend weddings anyway.
On Sunday and the next two weeks, I will be occupied/busy. I hope still have time to update this blog though (perasan ramai orang sedih kalau saya tak update blog nih, tak boleh nak baca dalam train kan, hiks, konon fofular!)
Annnddd, lastly, I received some gifts from a friend yesterday. At first she asked me whether I prefer perfume orrrr a small make up kit set.
Of course I chosed perfume la kan since I do not wear make up pun.
Well, she has given me the perfume plus the make up kit set since according to her, when she bought the make up kit set, she was thinking of me. Ni mesti sebab dia rasa I tak lawa dan perlu make up lebih you get the message Cikbib? better do from now on...
Sooo...since I have taken some photos, I decided to post it lah
haa, the first photo of both gifts, the perfume and the make up kit set

Elizabeth Arden, Sunflower. I have never seen Elizabeth Arden's sunflowers before, not in Malaysia.  But I am okay with the smell and hubby was happy too since he knows that I simply loveeee perfume my my quota of buying perfumes this year is finished.

the make up kit. There're two layers, the first one adalah eye shadows

the bottom part there's lipstick.
Bila nak pakai ni? Saya ni pakai bedak dengan lipgloss aja..kena bangun awal sikit dan jadi lebih rajin untuk boleh bersolek...dan nampa lawa sikit, tapi sekarang pun kan dah come?...hikksss..sila menyampah, saya baca pun macam nak muntah gak...
Have a nice weekend tomorrow everyone

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  1. kak bib, suka perfume sunflower.. bau dia lembut.. ja.. i like..