Thursday, March 14, 2013

For Knowledge

I attended one briefing yesterday but could not figure out even 1% of what the speaker was talking about.

And remember when I attended the 2 weeks course at I D F R? I think I could only focused 50% of the time.

Ane for the next 2 days, I have to sit down and try to digest almost 20 working paper, yeah, even thinking about it make me shivers.

I don't want to be left too far behind from my other collegues so I must work harder. I must find a way to improve. I must be quick to capture knowledge, understand new things, especially when it is all about Economics which I am very 'good' at. Heh...

Let's think together on how I can make sure that my aging brain can function as good as it was before :
  1. Pray : yup, baca doa penerang hati
  2. My mother used to remind me to be prepared, meaning that, try to do some homework so that you have some general idea on the subjects to be discussed. I think this is really necessary for someone like me..heee, the slow learner
  3. Discuss on the subject with friends, yup, this will help me to understand better and to prevent the knowledge from running away from my memory.
I have actually implemented item no. 2 and  I am feeling a little bit better already. I hope I have the energy to keep my eyes open, stay focus and gather as much knowledge as possible.

Good Luck Cikbib, I hope I will succeed, insya allah.

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