Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perjalanan Kerja Saya Sehingga sekarang

Saya sudah bekerja di organisasi sekarang sejak tahun 1996, maknanya sudah hampir 18 tahun. Adoiii, lamanya.

Sewaktu saya mula-mula masuk ke organisasi ini, saya telah ditempatkan di Unit Statistik, yang pada masa itu adalah sebahagian daripada Bahagian Perancangan. Being in the Statistics Unit, my main job was to gather data, process and present it. There was a restructuring exercise done in 2003 where the Division was renamed as IT Div. To my surprise, I was promoted twice in this Unit/Division, and both happened in the same year, alhamdulillah.

In 2009 I was suddenly being transferred to Corporate Division. It was very sudden and at that point of time my immediate boss was in Sarawak. I still remember when she called me all the way from Sarawak and she said "I leave it to you Bib, maybe you do not want to go to Corporate Division but if you do not accept it now, you may not receive the same opportunity  to leave Stats ever again. As your boss, I don't want you to go, but as a friend, I know that it is good for your career."

I was informed that my immediate boss and also my big boss have tried to persuade the management from transferring me to the new Division, but failed.

And of course after being with the same Division for 13 years, they have arranged a farewell party for me. I simply dislike to remember how I cried and could not deliver my speech that day.....hish, malu sungguh.

But I do remember when my immediate boss mentioned this in her farewell speech : "when Bib left, I was so scared that I will not able to carry out all the task that she left me, but to my surprise, Bib has actually put everything in order very well that all officers know what they are suppose to do and all that I have to do was to supervise. Thank you Bib for that"....huh, ini statement masuk bakul angkat sendiri ke?

But I feel relief actually. You may not believe this but I am someone who is always not sure whether I have done a good job or not, or whether I have done the right thing or not. Knowing that I have done something right and left the Division in a good condition makes me feel relief. Till now, I continue to have a good relationship with my bosses, the officers and all the supporting officers. In fact, I love them, they are like family.

Being away from the old Division was like being out of my cocoon. In my old Division, I was overshadowed by my superb bosses. I was always protected and was not able to really test how far I can go..

I spent another 1 year and 3 months with Corporate Division. I must say that it was one of the most challenging period of my life.

In Corporate, I was realeased from my cage and left to fly on my own. Huh..what a challenge. But again, although I may not be the best, but I know I have given the Division my best. 

Hiksss..but in the year 2010, the last day before I went off for hari raya aidilfitri celebration, I received a letter from HR, yes, I was directed to transfer to Metal Division. I kept quite about it until after I came back from my hari raya leave.

My Metal life started right after I came back from my hari raya break. I was really really scared actually because I'll be doing something very technical and of which, I have no experience at all. 
I was so scared to the extend that I felt ill. Hmmm...that was the last time that I took medical leave.

I spent a little bit more than 2 years in Metal Division. It was quite a challenging Division but I must be thankful because I had a good team. The division was an epitome where even the hardest job can become easy if you have a good people to handle it.

When I look back, I do think that the team has actually done a good job despite the fact that the division is famous for having the most outstanding cases.

Of course I remember how stressful I become when the meetings day come. Yeah, I will be the captain of my team and we will fight throughout the day and once the meetings finished, we will go back to our place feeling terribly tired. Yeah I can look back and smile now.

Now..I am in a new Division. I have good officers with me, alhamdulillah. My boss and colleagues are okay. The challenges that I foresee are from my clients...semoga ditunjukkan jalan terbaik untuk saya menghadapi masalah ini, insya allah.

Sooo panjang ha?...saya stop dulu ye...gudnite


  1. TQ for sharing yr stories n thots cik bib... harap boleh jadi panduan buat saya....
    Am not being promoted ,but given new task in a totally new unit.
    To left my development/application task which i was dealing/working with since 12 yrs back.,its not gonna be easy.. hahaha..
    Yup, life is a struggle but then, the most struggling part is to struggle with our own inner self , -ve minds etc. :-)
    Wish u all the best cikbib..(also to myself + my new team mate.. hahaha)
    p/s: sorry comment agak pjg. hahaha

  2. I wish you all the best Ana. It won't be easy, but you will get through it insya allah.