Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why Am I So Lazy?

It's Sunday night and I have not touched the files which I have brought home, the very lazy me.

I wonder why am I so unmotivated? Tolong. I really need to finish up with the files since I have lots of work waiting at office. If I could finish whatever I brought home, I could focus on other things tomorrow...heee...please.

Anyway, how was weekend? Yeah, I went back to Chemor, and my kakak ipar and her children were there too...yup, I like it, the more, the merrier. We went to Mydin, the new shopping store which was opened recently. Beli durian juga, haaaaa....visited the 3 daras and on our way back, we dropped by at Abang Hatta's house and was served durians again...rezeki.

Once we were home, we rested for a little while, solat Maghrib and I started cooking..masak ayam masak merah. We ate, watched celebrity master chef and here I am in front of the laptop again.

erggghhh...nak post gambar, tapi hubby belum transfer lagi..nanti lah.

Okay, have a productive week everybody.

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