Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mode : Happy sebab dah habis ganti posa

Yippie! So proud of myself, hiks, yeah, for a person who loves to eat, fasting is really not easy. Alhamdulillah, I have completed all today.

As for tomorrow, I plan to have breakfast lah, heeee, as if I have been fasting for one whole week, walhal baru sehari aja pun.

I planned to cook today, unfortunately the traffic was really bad and I arrived home at almost 7.30. I drank some water for buka posa, ate biscuits and performed my maghrib prayer. Husband told me not to cook and we ate outside. We are home again now and I haven't had my bath yet actually, sat no, let me update my blog first.

I was assigned with so many additional work lately actually, banyakkk, requests for views, request for tariff updates, requests for positive/negative list and request for a report on.....and how about the existing work piling on the table? How about the phone calls?...huwaaaaa....tu yang rasa nak buat clone diri sendiri tu, tapi buat lah yang slim sikit kan, yang muda sikit ke, yang cerdik lebih kee...heeee, dasar tidak pernah bersyukur.

Talking about cerdik, I remember one story which my mother told me before. Those days, my mother was actively involved with Wanita Umno at my kampung. My mother was the secretary and with that title, my mother was given a chance to witness the Ketua Wanita Umno at that time i.e. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz giving her speech in Ipoh. My mother was amazed with her wittiness and intelligence and prayed that one day her daughter, i.e. cikbibcome, will grow up and become just like the lady minister.

According to my mother, Cikbibcome has actually showed progress since she was a baby where she loved to stand on the sofa cushion and started to talk..and my mother was so happy, yeah, her daughter will become the next lady minister.

After more than 40 years, my mother realised that Cikbibcome has not only become as intelligent as the lady minister, but she has also becoming as comel as the minister...he he he he he he

Tak de lah, saya tak macam tu...tapi cerita di atas tu betul tau, memang mak saya kata dia ada doa, tapi saya belum lah sampai lagi ke level minister kan...masuk parti politik pun saya tak mahu...

Okay lah, nak mandi dulu...good nite

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