Friday, July 13, 2012

Jumaat Dah Nih...

Yesss, it's Friday.

Tomorrow I will fly away, but before that, I would like to clear a few things...yup, the urgent ones first. But I really look forward for tomorrow.

Yesterday a friend came to my room. He told me that he went fishing the night before and his wife was not happy about it. According to him, he could not help it, dia sudah ketagih memancing la tu.

Haaa, he asked me if I have any hobby with such effect. Heeee, rasanya ada kut, because if it happened that I found one interesting blog, I will start reading and would me determined to read from the first post..sampai semua benda lain pun tak buat..

Hmm, the only thing is that, my friend's family is effected. Just imagine, he went to work everyday, only reached his house at around 7.00pm and he decided to go out for fishing at 8.00. He will only be back at 10.00. Huh, mana isteri tak mengamuk, kalau I wife pun I tak suka juga rasanya.

But then again, life is about choosing kan, choose lah, family ke, memancing ke. Macam I dulu, choose lah, baca blog ke, kemas rumah ke? haaaa....rumah tak kemas, tiba tiba orang datang, haaa, tu dia engkau, meloncat tak tahu nak mula mana satu nanti.

Okay lah, di situ dulu....till the next post..

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