Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saya dan A zah A ziz

Saya baru tahu yang Azah Aziz meninggal dunia semalam...saya sekarang memang tidak berapa suka untuk menonton berita di TV, saya cuma dengan berita di radio sewaktu dalam perjalanan ke office. But the morning radio news are usually very short and brief, therefore, I do miss a lot things, unless if hubby/friends update me. Hmmm, I better do something about this.

Anyway, who is A zah A ziz to me? He he he, she never knew that I exist in this world, but of course I knew her since I was a little girl. I knew her as a wife to Prof. Ungku Aziz. I knew her as a beautiful woman, I still remember her sweet smile and soft voice. I knew she was once a journalist and the fact that I have never seen her in other type of baju but baju kurung Johor, I have read somewhere that she has only one daughter and wished that she could have more children.

I used to see her shopped at Seksyen 17 Pasar Tani, yup, despite her old age. I remember watching her from my car trying with difficulty to bring her heavy steel basket over the road divider. At that point of time I wish I could stop my car and helped her. Yeah, she bought papayas and pineapples, I've read somewhere that her hubby eats papaya for breakfast.

I also remember she joined the Merdeka Parade once, but I could not remember which year...and even at that point of time, she was wearing her baju kurung Johor.

Hmmm, yang hidup pasti akan mati, alfatihah untuk beliau

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