Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tut tut

I have just finalized my English class with British Council today. As usual, to test the effectiveness of the class, the teacher has given us a test. Funny enough, instead of  improving, I feel like my English is getting worse.

After the test I have decided that I will never again attend another English class. Enough!! Malas den. There must be other way to improve right? Yeah, like trying to use English again here, in this blog.

Andd...yeah, more reading please, and more talking in English please...yes, gotta

By the way, if any of you guys out there has got time, do visit Encik Shuk's blog at ...lupa la plak. I just read his blog and discovered that his BM is better than mine....hikss...

We have another project to be carried out starting...maybe tomorrow. Did I tell you that termite has ruined the door frames of my house? And now, I need to replace the door frames plus the door. I estimated the cost to be around 3K, but we found out recently the total would cost us more than 8K. Huh...kalau boleh gunakan duit tu untuk berjalan ke China ke, kan best.

Anyway, telah ditakdirkan rezekinya begitu kan, so we just have to redha and carry on with the project. The number of doors are actually 7, plus roof fix (ada bocor sikit) and also the toilet downstairs (ada masalah sikit, flush tak pergi). We hope the project will improve the condition of the house...

hmmm, semua duit kan? Minyak naik, tarif elektrik naik..tapi dalam kerisauan/kesusahan tu, berat badan ni naik gak kan? tak turun juga...hati terlampau senang kut.

My PC is still in the hospital, therefore I cannot continue with my Japan report. By the way, I wonder if it is really necessary for me to continue with the report? is anybody following? please do response ya.

Okay, I am about to retire now. I was touching my face just now and realised that there are now pimples...big that a sign? ...tak larat tul....good nite everyone!!

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