Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Makcik's Day?

Yoohoo, laptop saya rosak, since all photos for my Japan trip are saved there, Japan trip report can only be continued after my laptop is healthy again...

Hmmm...nak cerita apa hari ni?...hmmm, mari sedih-sedih sikit ye...fasalll, perasaan seorang makcik aka emak saudara, jeng jeng jeng

Saya mula menjadi seorang makcik sewaktu umur saya 15 tahun. Saya ingat lagi waktu saya balik bercuti dari MRSM, selepas ambil SRP(equivalent to PMR), tiba-tiba ada baby di rumah saya...being the youngest, I have never had any experience with baby at all..and since that day, my life changed.

My sister's baby was a very chubby one, the one thing I remember most was the tiny tembam fingers...macam sesikat pisang. That baby has got a big mouth, ha ha ha and she has got dimples...

This baby was really nice/behaved. Seldom cry and was always happy. Since she's the first niece and was the only one at that time , she became the centre of everyone's attention.

After this baby, of course there were many-many more ..yeah, more than 30 of them. After the first one,  there was another girl. This one was beautiful and the one that strike most were her eyes...sooo cantik. But somehow, this one really cried a lot, ha ha ha

The second one, third one, fourth one, and now, I almost lost count.

I never had a baby of my own and can never imagine the feeling of a mother. I just wonder whether my feeling towards all my nieces/nephews is in anyway similar to a mother's feeling.

Being a penyibuk person also has sometimes created problems between me and my nieces/nephews hikss...ye la, orang tua kan, ingat dia sorang je betul, orang lain semuanya salah...haaa...

Being loud, I sometimes (or many many times) have voiced what I think/feel which they do not think appropriate for me to do so...huh, you are so irrelevant cikbib

Hmmm...I don't know, but I remember when my uncle visited me recently, I was so thankful to be able to entertain  them at my own house. Being Makcik now, I realised that I really love all my anak sedara more than they ever know and that must be the way my uncles/unties feel about me. Yup..I appreciate them even more now since I realised that they are those important people who were around me when I was growing up. They influenced me and I really appreciate them.

We have celebrated mother's day in May, and Father's day will be in June...How about Makcik's day? tak de? Ini tidak adillll!!!

So, the reason  why I am writing this is just to get some justice? hmmm


  1. cik bib , love you .. sorry for everything yea =(
    love this post ..

  2. Hait!!..awat dah lama tak update blog? facebook pun dah lama tak nampak? dah tengok gambar Kak Anis nikah?...it was a sudden thing, hanya cikbib, acik ab, izzat dan Malena aja yang datang

  3. cik bib, we love u too.... :)

    cik bib, kak nisah kahwin xkn la xplan? secara tiba2? hurmmmmm...... opah mesti terkejut. patutnya keluarga diutamakan dalam apa hal sekalipun. ni mcm last-last minit baru tahu. haishh...

  4. dah tengok dah .. terkezut saya .. haha ..

  5. kakak: there's no such thing as sudden, it was planned but apparently we were not included. Nanti final AF datang umah cikbib ye, la ni messy la, cikbib tengah tukar pintu rumah, berhabuk tul.