Saturday, June 4, 2011

JAPAN, 13 MAY 2011

The third day in Tokyo. It's Friday, so we only went out after the Friday prayer. Shuk was fortunate to get the opportunity to perform solat Jumaat there..jealous!

We visited Tokyo tower today and emak/opah joined us. Tokyo tower was built in 1957 and very much look like the Eiffel Tower but it was painted orange. I have never knew the existence of this tower before..ha ha.

Price of the ticket was Y1,800 each. There were two observations platform, i.e. at the height of 150m and 250 m...We visited the 150 m first, went up to 250 m. On our way down, we stopped at the 150m observatory again and had coffee..latte. The price was about RM12 per cup...not bad.

Ok, let's look at the photos

train station, opah and Iftikhar

ha ha ha, at the 150m observation platform, we set the camera, but a lady passed through, we cannot control our self form laughing

We took this photo before we went back

 Shuk at the goods shop, again at 150 m
 Opah and Yal

 Our coffee break
Once we reached home, Shuk decided to go round the apartment area, this photo was taken in front of the aparment

I like the greens, and the area is really clean

and yeah, once we reached home, Imtiyaz pun serbu masuk bilik sama.

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  1. padanla gambar ke2 tu korang gelak sakan. hehehe

    alahai gambar last sekali tu... :))