Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Haaaa, I always could not find the right title for my post, maybe I should do it like a diary, so, the title will be based on the date? hmmm...

Yeah, it's Sunday, 9.20 a.m. I have had my bath, the washing machine is running and hubby is taking his bath. It was very hot yesterday, especially last night, I wish I could turn the air condition on, but hubby is having a fever, so, we decided to just maximize the speed of our ceiling fan.

Somehow I like this morning situation, not as hot as yesterday.

oh hubby is here, we are going to have our breakfast, I shall continue after this.

Well, it is now almost eleven, we had our breakfast at Cili Merah, I have already hang the cloth for drying and the washing machine is now going for it's second round. I am now in my home uniform again and both of us are at the living with this blog and Shuk reading the newspaper...that is how our Sunday usually goes, only sometimes we have additional members when Athirah and Izzat are around, but they will join us laze around also...hiksss, we are just the not so productive family, ha ha ha, menambah lemak di badan aja.

Since Shuk is not well, our plan for today is to spend time at home, resting....

I have something in my mind actually, yeah, I am thinking about work. Remember my superior was giving a remark that my argument was not convincing? Now, that really has an effect on me..the statement is making me...disappointed, hmm I must admit that. But now, I am trying to find the way to convince thing for sure,  I must learn the industry fast. Second, I must learn to speak/talk convincingly. And the one thing that I have done for now is to ask hubby to pray that I can overcome this...hikss...doa suami kan maqbul.

Haaaa...lega dapat tulis dalam blog is never easy kan? but have faith and never give up...

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