Monday, June 27, 2011

JAPAN, 16 MAY 2011

Japan, 16 May 2011. We went to Yoyogi Park. The park was opened with the conjunction of the 1964 Olympic games. The park is huge and just imagine, my mother, age 77 years having to walk all the way. Walau bagaimanapun, semangatnya terus membara.

We walked from the train station to Yoyogi Park

We walk, walk, and walk

ushh, penat, rehat jap. Lutut mak I mesti dah berlaga tu

the trees, tempat ni cantik sangat, so green during summer/spring and imagine the falling leaves during autumn 

the infamous bridge in the middle of the park

again we walk and this time we were not sure where we were heading actually

suddenly, we found a garden of roses, we were so excited

nice one ha...Shuk took this one

yeah, the pintu gerbang...

the roses here were so huge, mesti letak hormone

tengok muka Imtiyaz...banyak perancangan tu dalam otak dia.

the Olympic Stadium. Only Shuk and I went, my mom and the others waited somewhere else, kaki sudah lengoh

 Shuk, in front of the stadium, different angle
in front of the Meiji Shrine, I wish I could go in but my mother was already too tired and Imtiyaz was already sleepy, maybe next time (will there ever be next time?)

tangkap gambar sendiri...bila balik, kami berdua lepak dulu kat bawah, tangkap gambar...he he

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