Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's travel through one self that is me

I am down. I know because suddenly I am becoming more sensitive, lost self confidence, not focused, self centred and very negative. In short, within this period of time, I just hate myself.

The new boss has really turned me around. I have to be here, there and everywhere. He wants me to know everything that is going on and he always want the division to be ahead from everyone in providing information to our top management. Hmmm, he is good, but after being too comfortable with my last cool boss, the changes are rather too fast to adapt.

Let's forget about office life for a while. Hubby and I are now feeling bored. There's nothing interesting to watch except for the Wimbledon Tennis Game. As a result, I switched on this PC and started writing.

I'll be on leave tomorrow. My niece will be coming all the way from Ipoh. I am also waiting for another niece from UKM coming. Yeah, where are you Athirah? Anyway, kalau lambat pun tak pe, cikbib tak sempat lagi kemas bilik kakak...hiks...ada penyakit M baru-baru ni.

Tu dia, this is a very merapu post. I really do travel from the inner office, to my house and to my niece. That is just an evidence to proof how normal/matured a person I am. Hikkksssss...yup, a normal person is never perfect, that is just what I am.

And now, I long for something creamy, like a hot milo or chocolate...hmm, I would like to have some!

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  1. tough times dont last cik bib! im having a hard time keeping up with the crazy workloads too! hm trying my best to keep myself sane! hahha.