Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Matter Where You Are

Hubby forced me to update this blog twice a day? Isn't that just too much?

I am now watching AF final concert, nothing outstanding actually, so...sambil tengok, sambil tulis blog..he he..

What to write actually?...

Hmmm, I went to visit my sister this afternoon before she left for her umrah. She was at her daughter's house..ha, there was lunch, tomyam and ikan masak niece can really cook nowadays..haa. My sister is now already on the way for her umrah. Semoga dipermudahkan semua urusannya, insya allah.

Not everybody has the opportunity to go and visit the holy Makkah, yup, to be the guest of Allah. Those who got the opportunity, must be thankful to be selected.

But that does not mean those who do not have the opportunity to go and visit Makkah cannot be a better person since there's a lot of thing you can do here, in Malaysia, to improve yourself.

Have you ever seen, people in 'ketayap' but drive recklessly?  A guy dressed in a Jubah but have no respect to others? no manners?

Once, I have met an Egypt guy in one of the Kebab Shop at Tokyo. This Egypt guy kept on repeating that we, the Muslim were all the selected ones and granted with Iman..well, that is okay, I am very thankful of that myself. But when he continues and keep on repeating that the Japanese who served him the halal food as Syaitan, I was so pissed off. Do we have the rights to evaluate non muslims in such way?

What if one day the Japanese guy converts to Islam? What if he becomes even a better Muslim than we are? And are't we suppose to show a good example? a good behaviour so that the non muslim will be attracted with our religion?...

You may not agree with me, but when I was in Japan, I do think that there's a lot that we can learn from the Japanese despite of the fact that they are no Muslim. They are very discipline, punctual, they respect others, they hardly show their anger and they are very clean. Except for their faith, I think in some ways, they are even more Muslim than we are.

So, no matter where you are, you can learn from your surrounding, from the people around you, and improve. Whether it's Makkah, Madinah or Japan, what important is YOU!

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