Monday, June 6, 2011


Today, Mr F is no longer around, his room is empty since the new boss has not moved in yet...Mr R, NH, SHS and SH were also not around and these are the senior officers whom I really need..luckily there was a corporataization brief in the morning, so, I was saved.

The afternoon has also went well. I managed to clear my work and managed to do some preparation for tomorrow's meeting...yeah, in order to be able to convince the chairman...hmmm...but I think I must learn to be more relax, Dato' A seems to like to shake his leg and stare at people, as if to analyse, I think I should do the same ...hiksss...gila ke apa. Doakan kejayaan saya ye, aamiinnn.

Hubby called at around 4.30 and requested me to cook ikan masin tumis (orang perak panggil camni). He is still not well and lost his appetite..pity, I quickly tried to finish everything by 5.30 so that I could go back and cook.

And now, at 7.30pm, I've cooked and is updating my blog. Hubby is taking his bath and I'll take my turn after this. I have just discovered that hubby has cleaned the dust on my tong tv (ha ha ha ...apa tu?). The whole table was almost white with dust caused by the construction work done. Hey, I'm least teringat la juga hubby nak menolong kan..'s dinner time, I'll take my bath later...chow dulu

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