Sunday, June 26, 2011

I-City lagi?

Atikah, my sister's daughter came last Friday. Well, as usual, we will bring our guest to visit the I-City. The only thing is that we discovered that there were less lights nowadays and the attention has diverted to the snow house instead, ha ha...mahai la pulak, RM25 each for adults.

They provide sweater but if you really plan to go, I would advise you to wear a proper shoes with sock and all because it is really cold and slippery.

Hubby could not stand the cold and decided to go out early. Yup, after a while, you may feel a slight pain with your feet. But being me, I was determined to take the slide ride first...heeee....siap jatuh terlentang lagi..alhamdulillah tak cedera. Tapi slide tu memang best, mencabar, terhantuk-hantuk punkoq,  ha ha ha.

After the snow house, we went to visit the entire area, took pictures and on our way back, we bought some durians. Sampai rumah, terus makan durian dan tidur sebab esoknya kena bangun awal untuk hantar Atikah ke Seremban.

Hmmmm....okay, just enjoy the photos.

dua orang anak dara gebu..

best couple of the year! yay! aaammiiinnnn...kalau nak masuk, pakai sneakers dari rumah, I tahan sikit sebab banyak lemak, Shuk masuk-masuk terus menggeletar dan kaki rasa kebas dan sakit

Shuk dalam igloo, tak payah pergi kutub kan

Ice castle

pastu, kami pergi jalan-jalan kat ICT. Tiba-tiba saya sakit perut pulak (Dejavu???) betulla, nasib baik jumpa toilet yang bersih, alhamdulillah

Ika posing 
Lembu, ye la, kalau lembu hidup mana sempat nak bergambar pegang-pegang kan?

di bawah tanglung

Ika...hmmm, pandai posing dia ni

The next day, we sent Ika to Seremban 2. The registration was done in the morning, after that we sent her to the hostel and went out for some last minute shopping and lunch.. 

one more photo before goodbye

Ika dekat tingkap bilik, bye Ika, take a good care of yourself!!

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