Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JAPAN, 14 MAY 2011

It's our fourth day in Japan and it was Saturday. We went to Setagaya Park after breakfast. We walked there. It was fun to see how Japanese spend their weekend in the park. In the afternoon, hubby, yal and I went to Odaiba which is famous for it's man made beach/bay. We also visited Toyota's show house and took a ferris wheel ride....

 this is hubby's new watch bought at Akihabara. This photo is just to show how clear it was at 5.15am in the morning. It's like 9.00 am in Malaysia.
 We walked to the park
 Baseball game, looked like real fun, I wish I had more time to watch
There was a band performance for charity, we stopped to enjoy the show 
It's almost the end of spring, but some flowers were still blooming
 Choo Choo A train...behind us. Imtiyaz did take a train ride after that.
mak and kak nah. This is the place where I was asked not to play ball by on of the park keeper. He kept on saying 'Bora, Bora' and wave his hand. At first I was like..what are you saying ni? But somehow I just understand, Bora, it's Bola, they cannot pronounce L...ha ha ha, orang jepun pun panggil Bola rupanya.

haa, this picture was taken because of our amazement on how the Japanese cement lorry look like. It is even cleaner than my car... 
 our bus stop
Odaiba, our train passed through the bridge that can be seen behind Shuk

 One of the shop at Odaiba

We wanted so much to take a ride on this boat. Unfortunately, nobody understand what we were saying and we just do not understand was was written on the billboard. Due to this, and also time constraint, we decided to take photo ajalah

 After we failed to take the boat ride, we were so determine to take the ferris wheel ride, must!!
we have to walk, walk and walk...

before reaching the ferris wheel, we stopped by at Toyota's show house, love it. In the photo, I was trying the Lexus...

 antic cars, there was a cafe, but not halal
yeah, ferris wheel, here we come

Photos in the ferris wheel semua tak come sebab kami lapar...ha ha ha

roti nan at Tandoor...sedap, dia punya dal sedap and the lassy pun marvellous

 tengok betapa besaqnya roti dia
 malam, we went to kak Salimah's house for dinner. Lupa nak snap gambar waktu makan, nak balik baru teringat

japanese house...small, but neat and clean..

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