Monday, June 20, 2011

Laporan di hari Ahad

It is now Sunday, 11.40 pm. The television is on with Chef Wan and daughter Serina on air. The programme is called 'Jangan Tidur Lagi'...Seronok tengok Chef Wan kepoh. Hubby is sleeping in front the tv, he consumed paracetamol for his head ache and went straight to sleep after that.

Today has been a busy day. After my subuh prayer I went down to managed the laundry. I have washed some of it yesterday and only to sidai it this morning. After that the machine has to work a few more rounds because I'm cleaning the door mat and also bed cloth. All are dusty due to the work done to change the doors.

Since we woke up early today, we managed to do some marketing at the section 6 market. Yup, lamanya tak masak. Hari ni masak gulai lemak putih petola, goreng ikan/ikan masih and sambal belacan. Hmmm...boleh tahan...

Banyak lagi kain yang belum dilipat dan ada dua bilik lagi yang memerlukan cadarnya dibasuh. I'll be having visitors this week so I better get the rooms ready.

And tomorrow I have to work. Ek elehhh, macam tak best nya....tapi kena positif, semoga aku gembira esok Ya Allah, dan semoga semua kerja dapat disempurnakan dengan mudah, insya allah.

Have a productive week ahead everyone!!

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